What is Interior Design? Part 2

In the previous post about “What is interior design” I explained the difference between interior designer and decorator, how do they work and what they need to know.

Today i will start to tell you the main concepts that the interior designer should know.

They study for years and it is not so easy as it may seem.

Before interior design courses I thought that I can learn by myself, but as the result I had just a waste of money and time. I won’t even describe how much energy I spent for interior with no knowledge, but great desire to have a good looking room.

interior school

interior school

Let’s start with what I know.
The posts here will give you the basic ideas and concept about interior design.

1. Understand scaling

The objects that you use in the interior should fit the size of the room.
It doesn’t mean that if the huge sofa fits the room, it will look good.
Everything should be of the appropriate size.

For example, if you see big changelier in the theatre’s hall, it won’t look the same in your room.

So, scaling tip number 1: Use appropriate sizes of objects.

Now, how can you understand that the furniture or other objects look good in your room?

Let’s suppose that you saw the office table for your room in the store.

Now you need to imagine how the table with its’ size will look comparing to other furniture in the room.

For example, you already have the wardrobe and the sofa in your interior. How will your new table look with all these objects? Will it look too big? too small? or it will perfectly fit the whole look of the room?

Tip number 2 in scaling. Compare the furniture and object to other elements of the interior.

If your room is empty and you need to buy furniture for it, then you need to know two thinks for the start.

A. you need to know what furniture you will need to have. Would it be just the bed, or everything starting from the place for work and ending with the place for reading.

When you are done with the task A, go to B.

B. Imagine where those object be located in the room.

This will help you further when you’ll need to decide the size of the furniture.

C. Now you are ready to choose the furniture. Imagine what sizes will look good. You can even compete the sizes that you need.

As a result, interior scaling tip number 3 is – compare the furniture to the whole look of the room.

Did you ever notice that interior accessories in the stores, decorations of the theatres, and interiors of other huge spaces include big objects.

The tables, chairs and chandeliers are all of the appropriate size.

Big furniture for big spaces. Small furniture for small rooms.

Do you like simple shapes or complicated?

You need to know that complex shapes need space.

If you decorate the small room with strangly shaped objects it will make a mess.

These odd shapes are made for beauty, so they need to be placed in the rooms with simple interiors and minimum furniture.

If you want to have an odd object in your room, then get rid of clutter, massive objects and difficult decorating accessories and colors.



Interior scaling Tip 5 – Odd shapes should are for simple interiors, when this interesting form can be beautifully presented.

Suppose that you see the wardrobe of a dream)) You see it and you are already happy because you finally found exactly what you need.

Now imagine that you bought this wardrobe and it’s standing in your bedroom.

You come up to it and see how huge it is. You really feel how this wardrobe is almost pushing on you with its size.

You didn’t feel this in the store so what happened?

When you see the furniture in the store, you usually don’t feel how big it is, because the space of the store is huge and the furniture looks ordinary in such case.

Everything changes when you see this furniture in your bedroom.

Tip number 6 – compare the size of the furniture to your size.

If you are standing close to the thing that you want to buy for your interior, you would probably feel if it is huge or not.

It is all about feelings.

You need to feel if exactly this table suites  your room or not.

Try it and you’ll see how great it is to create beauty around you.



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