What Can We Learn from Window Displays

Today we’ll look at window displays and will try to find out why they stand out. This can be very useful if you want to create interior design that will look awesome. I am sure that most of us intuitevly know what we want to see in our rooms, but when it goes to practice we are losing courage.

I googled images and in 2minutes have chosen which design were the most increadible. Let’s see what we can take to our todo lists.

1. Repeat your items: pillows, statues, photos

The items that are repeated in the design capture our attention. That’s why numerous pillows, three or more similar items look so nice. Now you can choose the item that you that can create the path of similarity.

Window Dressing

2. Add Asymmetric Arts

Everything in our world looks beautiful if it’s symmetric, but when the symmetric is not obvious we notice it. The easiest way is to add the painting or the photo. Their image should be will the falling object or something abstract and weird. But add just several arts of such style, because too much will create a mess and a crazy look. Sometimes it is useful, but not in our case.

Store window display

Asymmetry is used to accent the wall or the part of your room, so the room shouldn’t be overwhelmed with arts. Take a look at this window display look and you’ll clearly see what I mean. This store uses just two background images. We can still see the whole store and the models.


3. Use colors to fresh up the interior

Do you see how good it is to use colors in the interiors? I know that some people like minimalism and don’t accept any color except white, black and beige. It depends on the tastes and character. It is not discussed, because we are all different. But if you would like to change your room, then look at colorful items. This week I noticed that products on the sale are usually very bright. People are afraid of such items because they think it won’t suit the whole interior design of their room or they just don’t imagine how orange vase will be combined with brown table.

Colorful window display

Get rid of thoughts that colorful vases, pillows and statues will make your room ugly. Remember just one rule: use just 1-2 colors in your room (white, black and beige are neutrals and not included here).  Of course, if you feel you are an expert, you can use more colors, but start from 1-2 and you won’t go wrong.

4. Supersize your dream

The bigger the size of our desired item the more we want it. The stores usually make huge photos, of high quality to convince you. This window display also uses big photos of the models that will definitely attract our attention.

Dressing Window

Print the photo of your life or your dream life and hang it in the room. You will get several benefits: the inspiration when you look at what you dream to get and the good looking stylish room. How many friends use such ideas in their rooms? A lot of them just not ready experiment.

5. Surround your room with nature

Nature is relaxing and healthy. And our apartments and houses should have plants inside and outdise. We like parks, nature, so let’s bring it to our life. We usually notice eco designs and the display on the image is a great example. The wedding dress looks even more dreamy and fabulous with plants around it.

Window design with flowers

So buy plants and place them on the windows, near the chairs or near the entrance. Moreover, you can buy flower pots that will additionally give passionate and natural colors to your living. But buy those flowers that are not very gentle because you would add more daily routine to your list and you can skip this if you think in advance about the type of plants you would like to have.

6. Light up!

Darkness is sadness and light is fun and optimistic. If you don’t want to redesign the whole house changing the ceiling lightning, you can buy floor or table lamps. The story about choosing lighting would be too long, so let’s stop just saying that lighting changes the whole look of the interior a lot.

Window Display

Window Display

I personally use table lamps and candles. Yes, I adore candleholders and all similar stuff. I really use the chandelier. Additionally, I save on electricity when use candles instead of bulbs. But it’s my choice. I think that families that have children can’t use candles because kids need light. But when they go to sleep you can create romance using old method for lighting.

Conclusion. You can find inspiration everywhere and today we can see how window displays can easily help our interiors. So, repeat the items, use asymmetry in the arts, add colors, enlarge your dreams, create small gardens in your rooms and light up.


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