Top 5 Pins of the Week

Pins of the Week

Small Blue Kitchen

The best repinned photo of this week is this small kitchen in blue.

It looks very nice due to the frame around it.

It’s not so hard to do, but you see how increadible this idea is.

I would say it is similar to the framed picture and looks like a pieace of art.

And take a look at the wall “Keep Calm and Carry On”. It’s very popular and you can notice it in numerous designs. It is worth pinning to “TODO LIST”.

Small Kitchen

Small Kitchen

Bedroom with Yellow Ceiling

This design is very beautiful due to interesting idea with the ceiling.
I always say that color is the key in interior design.
Do you see how sunny the room is with this yellow ceiling?

And rustic headboard is ideal for such style, because everything is in natural shapes and colors.

Sunny ceiling, wooden bed and flowers near the table look like a family to each other.

Bedroom with Yellow Ceiling

Bedroom with Yellow Ceiling

Living Room in the Cave

Dark rooms are so difficult to fresh up, but it’s possible.

The solution here is light.

Of course, natural light is always better, but stylish lamps will be great too.

Ok, so what’s so great about this interior: unique chandelier, simple mirrors, light ceiling, cozy chairs and sofa.

Such furniture is also extremely important when you want to soften the atmosphere of the room.

Living Room in the Cave

Living Room in the Cave

Elegant Living Room

Usually I don’t like dark walls but this design is one of the best examples that dark walls can be used in interiors.

And maybe dark walls even need to be used to show the character of the person who lives there.

Here are my tips about it: use white or very light curtains. The balance the colors in the room.

Add crystal chandelier if you want to follow the elegant style. The carpet shouldn’t be too dark, beacause the room will become a cave. Bright spots can be added on the walls: arts, mirrors, etc. I also like to use pillows in these type of rooms. Can you imagine red or yellow pillows here? I can:)

Elegant Room

Elegant Room

Beige Living Room

Simplicity rules in this interior design.

I can’t say that something unique is used here but you see how inviting this living room is.

Here are my top conclusion: you can buy one of the simpliest sofas, but combining two colors that will be supported by other items in the room will make it beautiful.

So pillows are also chosen from the same colors. They shouldn’t be the perfect same colors, but the idea of soft blue and  beige should stay. Simple mirror, table, lamp – everything is so simple but so homy. Oh, and I like the print of the shades.

Beige Living Room

Beige Living Room


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