The Prettiest Alternative Uses for Garden Sheds

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Garden sheds are often viewed as a fairly masculine accessory. Indeed, articles like the Telegraph’s “why every man needs time in a shed” reinforced this idea that sheds are more designed for men and furthermore play an important role in a man’s happiness. They’re the place where he can get some privacy and have some peace and quiet to just ‘potter’, read the paper or make things out of wood.

I think it’s high time that the garden shed gained a female equivalent. The Pretty Garden Shed.

The words ‘garden shed’ often conjure up thoughts of sad looking gardening tools gathering dust in an outdoor version of the loft, a place where old belongings gather to lament their lack of use, but sheds can be attractive.

I urge you to put your garden shed to much better use and consider one of these pretty alternatives…

The Basics

Before you choose your ‘pretty shed’ option from the list below, sort out electricity to your little outbuilding. A shed with electricity means a shed with lighting and heating which immediately becomes not just a shed a more pleasant space to be in.

Also, if you plan on keeping anything of value inside, make sure your shed can be locked.


Gloves, Flowers

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The Craft Shed

If you’re a creative person, this shed is perfect for you. This shed will be a space where you can work on your arts and crafts, so decorate it in a way that is representative of that creativity. If you love quilting, deck the place out in quilted wall-hangings and chair covers. If you’re sew, make some decorative bunting from your scrap materials.

A work table with a good light is essential so that you can see what you’re doing. Brightly coloured walls peppered with artwork and photographs will add inspiration. Be sure to include a rocking chair and a kettle for when you need a break!

This shed needs to be well populated with colours and textures, so take your time and decorate it well.

Yellow Flower

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The Ladies’ Lounge

Your shed could be the perfect place to host your monthly book club meeting, have friends over for coffee, or just come to to relax when you have some free time.

Furnish the lounge shed with a comfortable sofa, coffee table and soft, feminine lamps. Decorate the walls with attractive pictures and photo memories that will make it feel homely and lived in.

You could even place a sherry decanter with a few glasses on the table, so you can invite dinner guests to the lounge for an aperitif. Very civilised!

Soft colours and feminine furnishings are a must for the ladies’ lounge. Think light pinks, peaches and purples, with brightly coloured curtains that frame the room. Book shelves overflowing with your favourite classics would also be a stunning feature and make the shed feel all the more homely.


Tea Room

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The Flower & Tea Room

Without wishing to alienate the feminists out there, but this may be the prettiest idea of all. Imagine a bright little room in your garden where you can keep rows of stunning flowers, tend to them and have a lovely cup of tea at the same time.

You’ll need a shed with big windows to let in plenty of light. Align the walls with white wooden tables or protruding shelves and place on them all of your favourite flowers; roses, orchids, African violets and so on.

In the centre of the room, ensure there’s some elegant white garden furniture for your tea room – a white metal vintage table and two chairs are slender and don’t take up too much room.

You can serve your tea in a pretty tea pot on the table, using matching cups and saucers. Sipping your tea, surrounded by the light and pretty flowers, you will forget you’re in a garden shed!

Have you found a pretty alternate use for your garden shed? Can you think of even prettier uses?


Estelle Page is an interior designer with a fond love of all things pretty. When she’s not redecorating her house, she’s decorating her garden and her garden shed. She writes for Dunster House.

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