Interior Idea #1 – Create focal point

Do you know what’s the difference between professional interior design and self made?

I will explain you basic mistakes of interior designing and start my tutorial in the form of mistakes and conclusions.

If you want to create comfortable space for your family then these tips are for you.

A lot of inspiring photos in fashion, interior and cooking can be found there.

interior design tips

interior design tips

1. No focal point

Any place has its functions and you need to accent them.

For the bedroom the center will be the bed.

For the dining room the focal point will be the dining table.

For the cabinet, the office table will be the main thing.

For the living room, the place for reading may be the most important place for you.

For the garden, the focal point can be the bench or a tea table.

These main functional points shouldn’t be placed in the center of the room.

You can and in most cases you will place them in the center.

But these objects are the starting point for your decorations.

Look through the interiors in the internet.

You will easily find the focal point in the professionaly designed rooms.

Take a look at the picture above. There are two center points.

The first one is the bed and the second one is the table near the window.

These two places look separated, but when you look deeper they have similar interior idea.

The chairs and the bed have floral pattern.

White furniture is also decorated in one style.

You can find numerous details that combine and harmonize the whole room.

So, specify the main purpose of the room.

Decorate the main object or objects that you will use here.

The other part of the room should end the interior of the room with there details: patterns, color, sizes.

Good luck!

I will continue the series of the interior designers’ mistakes in the nearest time.



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