Interior Ideas: Luxury Interior

It is not so hard to make your interior look luxurious as you may think.

The main thing you need to learn is simplicity.

Change the view on what you have.

My research of luxury interiors gave several conclusions what makes the room look gorgeous.

1. Simplicity in Interior

The number one and the most important interior rule for such style is simplicity.

All things  should look simple, with no complexity and heavy details.

luxury interior design

luxury interior design

2. Items with Crystals

There are two types of luxury interior designs: classical and glamorous.

If you are a Hollywood star and want to have the same mood at home, than you will add numerous crystals to your decorations.

But if you like classical luxury, add just several items that are made of crystals.

The more crystals at home you have the more glamorous interior you’ll have.

rich interior design

rich interior design

3. High Quality Leather

A lot of people think that this is the main item of the luxury.

But if you don’t really have money for real leather or high quality faux leather don’t add it to your room.

The things should look simple and have a high quality look.

4. Neutral Colors

Did you notice that luxury villas and apartments have neutral colors?

Imagine that you are rich, extremely rich and you are  tired of paparazzi following you.

Would you like to come back home and see hot pink or green interior? I don’t think so.

That’s why luxury interiors have simple and neutral colors.

luxury bedroom

luxury bedroom

5. Look and write what you feel looks  RICH

It is very useful to see photos of rich houses, rooms, cafes.

But all these photos will make sense for you when you look into details.

I have the list of details that make my room look “Gorgeous”.

Each month I add these items to my room and at the end of the year I have completely new look.

Write down your own list and follow it.

Luxury interior design

Luxury interior design



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