Interior Idea # 8 – How to choose colors

You can choose the color with the help of four basic methods for interior.

I will explain you all methods in details.

In this interior tutorial I will show you how to use one color in your room.

Idea 1. Choose one color for the room
Idea 2. Choose 2 Colors for the room that are similar in the color wheel
Idea 3. Colors that are opposite to each other and similar at the same time
Idea 4. Colors that are opposite, contrasting colors

color interior wheel

color interior wheel

Method for choosing colors #1

For comfortable, calm, relaxing interiors the use of one color is the most popular.

It’s not so active when you use several colors.

So this type of coloring is mostly for bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms, but it will also look perfectly everywhere.

Color wheel that is above is basic for studying and easy for understanding.

Such wheels can be very simple with no division on brightness and saturations, while other wheels can be extremely detailed.

Soon you will undertstand why detailed color schemes could be very useful for interiors.

Ok, on the image you can see main colors that change their specifications when we move to the white spot inside the circle.

For the interior that uses one color you need to choose one color from the scheme.

Let’s suppose we want to have red room.

We see that red (primary) color is in the middle.

Now we take the line with this color and decide what colors we want to see in our interior.

Usually 2-3 tones are the best choice.

The more colors you choose in the interior, the more massive it can be.

But remember that 1 simple color can be also boring.

I think #5 will be the basic color, #9 for softness and #1 (almost brown) to create harmony of the colors.

How should you use the colors in the interior?

There are four main surfaces for coloring:

1. The floor, ceiling and the walls are the main parts for painting

2. The furniture

3. Decorating accessories

4. Small items, like hangers, decorating items on the furniture

Next interior lesson will show you how to choose what color will look the best and on what surfaces.



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