Interior Idea #14 – Use String Doors If You Don’t Want the Door

String doors will be the perfect choice for those who don’t like ordinary doors.

Wooden or glass door can bring inconvenience to your life.

Going back and forth, opening and closing the door can take some time if you clean the house.

multicolored string doors

multicolored string doors

It is also not convenient when your arms are full of packages from shopping.

Try the string door where you want to be free.

In this post you will see how modern and stylish the interior can look using the strings.

white string door

white string door

If you have classical interior, then you can choose white door strings.

If you have a colorful door, take time to find the strings of the same color.

string doors with hearts

string doors with hearts

Any door stings will look great if you combine them with interior colors.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. This element can extremely change your interior design.

rainbow door strings

rainbow door strings

The huge plus is given to string doors because they can be changed very easily.

door strings

door strings

You can buy a rainbow door for the sunny ordinary days, you can change to white color when you invite the friends, you can hang the black string door for romantic evening.

black string door

black string door

Try it and you’ll feel that you are becoming the best interior designer for your family.

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