Interior Design Question: How to Make a Smaller House Larger

Tiny House

Tiny House

I found great Answer for the Interior Design question about space.

There are numerous diy ideas and you will definitely find decorating tip here according to your taste and budget.

So the Best Answer:

Use Light Colors, Glass and Mirrors

Some of the tricks I’ve learned are to use light colors, mirrors to reflect light and make spaces look larger, and good lighting.

Glass top coffee and end tables visually expand your floor space. Upholstered pieces with legs also visually expand floor area.

Light (natural or otherwise) makes a room feel larger. Keep curtains open. Add more lamps.

interior design small to large

interior design small to large

Small pieces for small rooms

Big, dark pieces that sit right on the floor take up space and make your rooms look smaller. Go for sofas with clean lines and classic styling. No big huge rolled arms or overstuffed cushions, etc.

As for art, I’ve found that a few large pieces make more of a statement than a bunch of small pieces scattered around. Pare down accessories to “just enough” – don’t overdo, or you will end up with a cluttered look. Go for a few good looking pieces rather than dozens of little tiny stuff.

toilet with sink attached

toilet with sink attached

Get rid of clutter

Keep clutter to a minimum, and keep your place clean and picked up as much as possible. This will help so much. Keep windows sparkling clean, inside and out, and use lightweight or sheer fabrics for window treatments. Stay away from fancy swags and layers and “funeral parlor” looks. Keep it simple to let it natural light and give a feeling of airiness. Get rid of any furniture you don’t need. Organize everything in the room. Lack of clutter makes a room look much larger.


Double Duty Pieces is your new fave shopping goal

Opt for double duty pieces such as night stands or end tables with drawers, storage ottomans, chests and trunks, etc. Armoires keep televisions and electronic equipment out of sight.

The Normandy Countryside

The Normandy Countryside

Small house

Small house

Decorate with Satin fabric

Also, Satin finish paint will make the room look larger than Flat finish will since it bounces the light around a little more.

Some other tricks:

Furniture that is away from the wall

Contrary to what you might think, shoving all the furniture against the walls actually makes a room feel more cramped than pulling it into the room does.

This doesn’t mean you need to move all the furniture into the room, but if you move at least a few pieces into the room and away from the wall, the room will look bigger.

Cottage manufactured by Palm Harbor Homes

Cottage manufactured by Palm Harbor Homes

Clean lines

Furniture with clean lines makes a room feel larger. Ornate, fluffy furniture makes a room feel smaller.

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