Interior Design Practice with Laura U

My inspiration of this year started with amazing site DeringHall. I didn’t find their RSS subscription but I was glad to receive their updates by email.

My subscription is weekly but I also add designers to my list.

So all new ideas arrive to me asap:) I will share with you all the best.

What’s good in DeringHall’s sire and why it is so valuable to me, as the interior designer?

I will make it short: designers with their portfolios on one page + their products is an amazing combination.

Usually I spend tons of time to find really inspiring designs, high quality that are worth analyzing for hours.

Sometimes, when you look on all design photos on Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, you stop distinguishing them. I am obsessed with all these, but it is useful to take a deep breath and calm down repinning.

What’s the point looking at all stylish interior design projects  and not making them real?

I realized that when I look in details Laura’s creations (or any other top interior designer) I start creating my own styles.
The post I am writing today is to share my idea of searching the best interior.

Step 1. Search the portfolio with your heart

I like warm, cozy rooms with the sense of active life.

The page with Laura’s portfolio was exactly what I was searching for.

I looked at her rooms, hallways, bedrooms and I could easily imagine myself there.

So that’s exactly what I need!

Step 2. Find the best photo

It is difficult to study all designs in details, so I choose the one that is THE ONE.

Such room should be so perfect that you can stare that image for a long time.

Step 3. Analyze WHAT you like

Analysing seems very boring word:)

So let’s say we will describe the design of the chosen style.

I usually take a piece of paper and start writing down.

Let’s practice. Click the image to make it larger. Hope you like my choice. It’s by Laura U.

Laura U Interior Design Houston Loft

Laura U Interior Design Houston Loft

Why I think it’s beautiful? I create two columns on my paper to make such look in my home.

A. What I Like here?

B. Can I do it at my home and how?


>A< Loft is my passion.

>B< But it will take too much work to remodel my home inside.

Dream loft

Dream loft


>A< Flower wall looks so beautiful.

>B< I can do it! I need to find the wallpaper with the flower print.

Bold flower wallpaper

Bold flower wallpaper


>A< Big mirror visually enlarges the space.

>B< I need to choose the wall that will have the new mirror and see how big it can be. I don’t want it to be so huge that it would scare my guests:)

Big mirror

Big mirror


>A<Golden table looks so luxurious. It looks incredible in this living room.

>B< I am more than sure that it would be very difficult to find such style and color in one table. So I immediately make the decision to search just an ordinary table with curvy legs. I would paint it in gold and add some gloss.


>A< Nice idea with the small table near the sofa. I would call it “view table” or maybe “dreamer table”

>B< I adore sitting near the window, or on the balcony or on the new chair. But the main problem is – I don’t want to buy many tables for each cozy place that I have at home. When I want to dream, read or write a diary I need to place somewhere my book, magazine, tea/cappuccino or an apple. This small table would be my helper. It should be modern, light and easy to take to another corner of my room.

Living room  by Miami-based designer, Celia Domenech

Living room by Miami-based designer, Celia Domenech


Ok, I guess that’s enough for this post. I showed you how one interior design photo may really change your room by inspiring you. Be attentive to the details that you like in designs.


I would be thankful to receive your comments about such kind of posts. If you like them, I will gladly precede the series of them. There are tons of designs that are worth discussing.





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