Interior Design Practice: Roselind Wilson

Interior Design by Roselind Wilson

Interior Design by Roselind Wilson

I was inspired to write this post after watching Roselind’s designs.
Her company is located in London. You can contact her here:

“Your home is an extension of yourself. Your body is the temple of your soul. A successful interior brings the two together to create balance and harmony.”

The Keys To Success in this designs:

A. Wall Art as a Window

I am suprised how beautiful the idea is.

No leaves or color is used in this art, but it looks so peaceful.

The frames with the branches inside are like the additional window in the room.

You can sit and dream.

If you want to take this idea to your living room, then you can use picture frames.

Find the picture of the nature. And separate it to 6 or more parts and then frame each part.

I found such photo. You can try to frame it.

B. The Girl with Closed Eyes

I am sure that this room wouldn’t look so unique if we take out these arts.

The Girl with the closed eyes brings silence to the room.

Calm and peaceful mood is the mood of this living room.

This art below that I found seems very similar to the above.



C. Candles

Fire casts a spell. It is beautiful, elegant and inspiring.

Candles are romantic and dreamy.

I adore them in designs and hope you are convinced to add several to your room.

Peace on Earth Holiday Candle  - Kobo Candles

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