Interior Design Practice: David Scott

Home office designed by David Scott would be our example for today’s interior design practice.

He is the king in functional interiors that are always professionally designed.

I think it would be very helpful to know David’s top tips.

1. Colors. Chocolate Brown is the best color for the base. And I guess it’s because this color is assosiated with tasty candies and cakes:) David also says that chocolate brown is better to decorate with warm white tones. Did you notice the blanket on the sofa (#1)? It looks very similar to the idea that he is talking about.

Home Office

Home Office Tips

Home Office Tips

2. Dark Dramatic Colors. These colors are shown in Blake’s Hotels. Dark lampshade (#2) looks chic and luxurious due to black shade.


Now Ideas will come from my head. What I liked and maybe would use at my own home office.

3. Curtains with the print on the borders (#3).  It freshens up the whole look of the room. Imagine the curtain is simple and has no print, then the window will be a bit boring. The interior design should have such details. If you have old curtains you can search for easy diy tutorials. Maegan shows how to add chic to your curtains.


4. Antique Looking Lamp. If you want to create massive and presentable home office then start adding products like this metalic lamp (#4). It can’t be called modern, but it’s not looking too old. It’s just perfect for this interior.


5. Finally, the statue in the corner(#5) of the room adds intellectual atmosphere. I can easily imagine how I work and start brainstorming ideas looking at this abstract statue.


My Conclusion. Some interior details may seem ridiculous at the first glance. I don’t like statues in the rooms, but this office is designed so great that I will revise my opinion. Read my previous post practice with Laura.



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  1. I don’t like statues in rooms either, but I do love the border on those curtains!

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