Interior Idea #4 – Don’t hang large objects on the wall

This interior design idea is for those who like to have heavy objects hanging on the wall.

Why shouldn’t you do this?

The main reason that people visually feel that object on the wall are heavier than those that are standing on the floor.

interior design idea shelves

interior design idea shelves

Imagine that you have two tables.

One of them is placed on the floor.

But the second table is hanging above the first one.

What do you feel?

What table will look lighter, more comfortable and appropriate for the room?

The table that is hanging on the wall will look very large and heavy, but it is the same table as on the floor.

So, the interior design rule for today – don’t place heavy objects on the wall.

Paintings and arts will look great on the wall because they are flat.

Massive objects, like 3D art or shelves will look heavy.

If you already have anything that looks not appropriate, than change the color.

Large furniture will look lighter when you color it to the same color as the wallpaper. It will become invisible.

Experiment and you will become the best interior designer for your family.

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