How to Finally Find Your Ideal Interior Color?

I’ve read so many posts about “how to choose the perfect color”. And to tell the truth I was scared after all these readings, because all posts still didn’t give me an idea where should I start from.

I know all these designing rules and they help a bit, but not much. You still need practice and that’s it. So I won’t list all these boring things and I will try to list inspirational tactics that I would use.

Easy, but costly – hire Interior designer

If you are not an expert at all and you don’t want to bother yourself with choosing the color for your room, then interior designer would be you savor. He/she will ask about your favorable color for the room. And that’s almost done. The designer can decide the cold or warm tones would better look in your room and what brand will last long and look perfect on your walls. The expert will also advise the good specialist in painting the walls. They all know each other in this sphere: who is good and who is not.

Experimental and brave step – just choose your favorite color

For example, I like coral. I will go with this enthusiastic though to the nearest store that sells interior paintings. Then I choose the brand by the logo, or my feelings that it’s good and choose the best color I like. I take the sample bottle and paint one wall with it. If I like it, then perfect! I will go back and buy more. If I don’t really like it, I will leave one wall in this favorite color and I would say it will still fresh up my room. Next time I would choose a bit softer, darker or lighter color. I guess you should see why exactly you didn’t like your choice. But usually our intuitive choice is perfect, so don’t be afraid. You will be proud that this experiment is your own lucky step towards better interior.

Buy popular colors – search by top brands

It depends on the country what color brand is most popular, so this step will be partly your own investigation. I’ve found several most used international painting brand: Sherwin-Williams, Behr, Yolo. So next is visiting the website of the manufacturer or your local store and see what colors are top sellers or trends.  You will definitely find something you like and usually most popular colors are the basic so they will look at least classical.

Buy on sales if you don’t care about the color

Sales don’t mean that the color would be awful and ugly. The stores just sell what is not popular or few bottles left that they should sell or the expiration date of the paint will come soon. Anyway the sales are a good way to relax and you should buy what they offer without bothering about the tones and brightness. If the color is dark, you can paint one smaller wall with it and you won’t recognize the room. If you don’t know what you want then sales color will be the starting point to understand at least what you DON’T like.

Watch for color visualizers

Most brands create their own portfolios of colors and real rooms that are painting in their colors. So when you look at these interiors and you find what you like, you can see the color that they used and buy it. Of course, the room won’t look 100% the same as on the image, but you can have similar effect. Before and after furniture projects often say what color they’ve taken. The most pictures I found is on Pinterest. Here is the link for Sherwin William colors.

You can change the search to your brand: “Yolo paint” or “Behr paint”.

Search for books – color advisers

I’ve bought several books with best colors that they advise, but I was not convinced to buy any of colors. Maybe the books where not good enough, maybe I was not ready to buy the painting at that time, but I tried this step and maybe somebody from my readers will find this path the most convenient.

Now I will start writing the most incredible ideas that I have:) Watch out…crazy ideas can be useful.

What is your favorite item in the house? Take that item and buy similar color

I like my pillow so much. It looks like a part of spring on my bed. So I suggest to take your favorite item and buy the color similar to it. I know it may look crazy, but who cares:) Maybe this inspirational idea will create your ordinary room to the dream.

Paint the old item that you don’t like with the new color

This will give you visual understanding if you like the color or not. Sometimes people take samples on the square sheet. But I am not sure if this can give you the idea how the room will look like if you completely paint it in the color you took as a sample.

4 different colors for all your walls

One of the difficulties is to choose the shade of the color that you liked. You can buy 4 colors that stand together on the color wheel. I am not sure how different the walls will look like, but I think it should look incredibly cool. Imagine how great the room will be if you paint it almost in one color but in different shades. The guests won’t even notice what’s so special in the interior, but you will know why the room is so interesting. Moreover, if you would like to paint the room in one tone in the future you will definitely know what color would look the best!

Now I am scared of myself. What did I drink in the morning? I guess coffee gives funny results. Don’t drink it before choosing the right color!

Painting of you color

Nowadays the paintings shouldn’t look too complicated or fantastic. The simpler the art is – the better. So why don’t you buy the huge frame and insert the paper colored in your chosen shade. Changing the shade of your huge art will be easier than painting the wall. Oh, and if you rent the room this idea would perfectly well. You shouldn’t even hang such art. It  can stand on the floor and cover half of the wall.

I guess that’s more than enough for this post. I hope you found an inspiring sound here for your new interior. If you want to share your thoughts or interior doing – comment here or email me. Follow my blog if you welcome crazy ideas.



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