Home office ideas for millionaires

Home offices become very popular today and it’s so cool.

People have many interesting hobbies. Internet and new gadgets give access to your hobbies all the time you want: in bedroom, during eating, during full-time jobs and even in the bathrooms.

Of course, people are inspired to transform their hobbies to their dream job. Internet gives gorgeous opportunity for those who liked their after-job life more than their full-time job.

So today I would like to devote the post to home offices. They should be inspirational, creative and well-organized.

Questions that arise when we think about our home working space:

–        Where do I usually spend time doing hobby?

–        Where my inspiration comes when I want to create something awesome?

–        How should my place should look like to make it comfortable?

Oh my, these questions wil never end if I continue, so let’s shorten the list of our home office ideas.

What would I do to make my working space the best of the best?

Home office design inspirations from Pinterest, Google Images, Houzz

Let’s suppose, that my hobby and future dream job don’t depend on any heavy equipment or outdoor actions. For example, my home office for today will be for interior design blogging. I like interior design ideas and share online everything I found really special.

The first thing I would do is searching dream home offices on Pinterest, Google Images and Houzz. I would spend about 2-3 hours or days to collect all findings. Then I would check each image and make a list “Why I like this home office?”. You can see my Pinterest Board on home offices: http://www.pinterest.com/zvezdochkai/home-office/.

I am sure you can find beautiful ideas there.

Choose arts or best windows view for the office desk 

White office near the window

White office near the window

Option 1. My office should be near the window

I adore the views from the window. Winter is great to feel the warmth of the room and use all blankets that I bought on Christmas. Spring and summer are inspirational for something new. If you work with natural decorations the view to the park or green street can change your business.

Option 2. Wall art with the view

If I don’t have a chance to place my working space near the window I would choose a wall artOnline stores that specialize in arts make incredible, realistic photos. You would need to think about the landscape that would make you feel motivated in the new office.

I like New York City views. Parks are too peaceful for work. Hobby shouldn’t be hard, but I still feel more relaxed than needed, so maybe you would like arts that are more active, like City Views.

Home office table: do you really need it?

Freelancer at work

Freelancer at work

Do you really need a table? My friends work in the bed or go to the caffes, or sit in the park. My personal experiences said to me “You need to have office table”.

Reasons to have the table:

it organizes you to work. It’s like a lighting bulb. When you sit at your working desk, you start to work. When you don’t have such space, your working space is everywhere! It starts annoying in several weeks, because apartment becomes a mess, you can’t organize your hobby=job and your living looks like hell.

Reasons to forget about fixed home office table:

it takes space and small apartments can’t afford 2 meters for the new table. What would I do in this case? I would work in the most comfortable place in the room. Maybe I would choose a special chair or a part of the bed or a free corner in the room or a part of the carpet near the wardrobe.

Just feel where you can stay working for several months. You would definitely have some results soon, so you will move to better apartment and you will be glad to have new home office corner.

For home offices without fixed placement the pc table will be very useful. It will ease your life a lot, because working all day long with the computer on the legs is a bit uncomfortable.

Lighting in the home office: don’t go cheap here

Home office lighting

Home office lighting

Lightning is the most favorite part in decorating the new dream place. Lamps are our helpers, because they cheer up when we are sad. And it can happen, I would say it will happen some day when your motivation disappears. Bright lightning in the home office is very important.

If you have enough money this is your chance to spend money usefully. Choose the lamp that associates with your success and buy it.

If you are on a budget then you would spend a bit more time for searching cheap lamps. Markets have a lot discounts and sales, so everybody should stay happy.

Did you know that most wished lamp is lava lamp? This is the lamp with the cute bulbs inside it that softly move up and down. Google gives such relaxing laps for the workers.

Office chair: 5 or 10 hours of sitting?

Think about your butt. 

Office chair should be comfortable

Office chair should be comfortable

How much time your butt will sit working? Now imagine how it feels. Do you want to feel it good? Now you are ready to choose the office chair.

I have a schedule where I walk for 5-10 minutes every hour and one hour training in the middle of my freelancing. This makes the life of my body very comfortable. I don’t think that I would feel healthy sitting on the chair that makes me feel awful.

To tell the truth, I know what it feels when you sit not properly during the day. You would need to forget about the job/hobby, because of the pains in the back.

So please choose the chair that won’t ruin your life. Remember: profitable office is comfortable office.

Decorating home office with plants

Home office with plants

Home office with plants

Usually, men like cactuses and women like flowers.

For winter I place one of my favorite plants on the office table, but when spring comes I have a vase with new seasonal flowers. I change them once in 3-7 days, it depends on how long they stay fresh. Oh! And if you don’t have such opportunity or you just want to save nature then create a photo frame and change photo flowers every time you feel bored.

Paper flowers. They look nice. You can also find DIY flowers and decorate with your own ideas.

Add Photo Frames that motivate you

My photo list changes every 6 months.  It may seem that it’s too long, but not for me. I usually print the photos that change my life a lot during these months. It’s not so easy to update your mind when your life constantly changes even for the better. So my perfect time of changing photos is half a year.

Choose 3-4 photos. It’s a perfect number to stay focused on all dreams that will be on your office desk.

Types of photos that can motivate you:

–        Ideal you (find the image that shows your success. It can be a photo on the beach, in the business center, on the meeting with big bosses, with the family near the fireplace).

–        Dream room (I had luxurious bedroom in my last wish list. My friend likes bathrooms. They are associated with relaxing time. What about your patio? Dream as much as you can.).

–        Perfect home office (It is a great motivation if you don’t have the dream office now, but you will definitely have soon. Office of my dream is white, with vivid girlish style: pink decor, glittering blankets, and crystal pens.)

–        New house (If you save money to buy a house then frame it. Is it near the ocean, lake or in the forest? I like to frame ocean houses in winter and forest houses in summer. The house with glass doors make me feel rich.)

–       All your dreams (I will list a bit of dream things that my friends have. Hope they will give you the way for collecting the dream list. Ideas for your motivational photos: pets, family, charity, perfect body, sunset, sunrise, sky, sports, celebrity, your personal photo when you left successful or happy)

Golden cup. Water equals life.

We should drink at least liter of water per day to stay healthy and active. But to tell the truth, coffee or the tea are so tasty, that I constantly forget about water.

Cup is always near you, during the working day. I suggest you to choose the cup that you’ll love! I like golden or with the stars or maybe with the photos of your family (My friends have such cups).

It’s up to you what cup will motivate to do business. Business people won’t bother with the color of the cup but they would surely choose the office that is gorgeous for


Office with good organisation

Office with good organisation

Board for making notes

Sometimes thoughts are in a mess and you need to write your ideas, see them and move on with profitable decisions. If you ever worked in stressful situation you will understand how quickly you should decide what to do.

Board is a must-have for those who want their home office to be the most successful place. You can substitute the board with big papers and a pencil, but this will take longer time to organize.

I don’t have the board, but I miss so much it from my previous job. I don’t have much space to place it but I will definitely buy it for my new home office.

Trash basket saves time

How many times during the day do you stand up to throw garbage away?

I saw two types of people. People type A can sit on their office chairs for the day and they have a mess on the desks. It’s unproductive to have cluttered table.

Type B people constantly stand up and are distracted from doing the job. If you notice that you are such a person, then add a trash basket to your home office.

For table-clutters the basket will remind to stay organized and for distracters won’t give a chance to be lazy.

Trash near the table shows how much tea I drank during the day! It shocks me sometimes, so now I try to drink more water or tea without sugar.

Small table near the table or one more chair

Did you notice that all your notes, cups and other stuff don’t fit your office desk? I have a tip for such cases.

You can use small table near it or additional chair. Any home furniture can be helpful here. Therefore, your table will be clean and you will have the place for the books and working notes.

Small table near the office desk is not as romantic as a clutter all over the desk or a floor, but it really helps a lot for small home offices.

Plate for the snacks

You need to take a break once an hour. Plate for the snacks will be a nice idea if you are distracted with the hunger. You will exclude the chances for excuses: I need to eat something each hour, drink, walk, talk, rest.

If you want to stay healthy, then choose healthy snacks in advance: nuts (don’t eat them much because they have a lot of fat), dried apricots, dark chocolate.

Pouf for your tired legs

Home office with comfort

Home office with comfort

Sitting with the straight back should be our habit. When you did a great job and want a 5min rest, then you will be so happy that pouf is near your legs. 

When I need creativity, I never sit as needed. I don’t understand why great ideas arrive when I am relaxed. It works. That’s all I need to know for now.

Pillow for the back

I saw a lot of home offices that have pillows on the chairs. I think it’s a bit too much for productive home office, but we are all different. Maybe in several months I will change my mind and add a pillow to the office.

To tell the truth, I don’t imagine how I would sit with the straight back and the pillow. But I guess that in some cases people really need this pillow support but that is another story.

Decorative pillow can be an ideal option here. It will look nice and our office place you will be magnetized to your computer desk.

Motivational words

Top Motivators: keep calm, never give up, and don’t stop dreaming.

You already have framed inspirational photos and now you can add motivational words.

For minimalistic desk, print motivational quotes and clue them to the photos you frames. It looks like a line of a text near the photo, so you have both decor ideas in one place.


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