11 Home Decor Blogs

Interior design is such an interesting thing for those who like to live in comfort!

So today I decided to share the list of my favourite home decor blogs.

It will be a list of design sites that I shared with my readers on twitter.

You can follow me any time twitter.com/#!/ireneok9.

Currently, I already have 603 tweets and each of them is very valuable for me.

I know how difficult it is to find something special online, so hope these home decor links also inspire you.

Let’s start right now.

The sites are not filtered by readers amount or types. I like them all and each of them is special and I will tell you why.

Modern Home Decor Blogs

Blog about Modern Furniture

1. TreeHugger Blog

If you are bored from the classical style and you want unique, strange, odd design, than you can easily find something special for you on TreeHugger Blog.

It is very hard to surprise modern people, but some posts really show crazy things.

I don’t know where do they find such ideas, but sometimes they blow my mind!

Just one chair or a table in your interior can create an amazing room.

It would be not called luxurious or gorgeous, it will be shocking, with the wow effect.

Your guests will respect your creativity and braveness to have the design that shows your personality.


2. 1Kindesign

Interior Design Blogs

Interior Design

Interior Design

If you want to see a complete design of the bedroom, bathroom or a kitchen, then this blog is for you.

It has numerous ideas and a lot of them are DIY decor.

Almost all posts show the location of the houses and an apartments.

Such details are useful, when a designer is searching for the style that should give the feeling of a location.

You may want to live in Miami, Las Vegas or London.


Home Decor Blogs

3. Oprah

The most popular sites in decorating ideas are below.

I adore Oprah and her shows. Her blog has valuable posts with tips, ideas and easy how to decorations.

I am more than sure that you will like it.


4. Desire to Inspire Blog

Interior Design Photos

Photos and videos give the most detailed information that you need for studying.

I would advise to take notes about each element that you like about the room or the house.

For example, your dream houses are of the tropical style. If you want to create the same warm feeling at home, you would need to search for the details.

Each room, and each corner should show the theme that gives you an inspiration to move on and to be happy.

Look at the furniture, it’s color, texture, size, details. What combines with this furniture?

What details you don’t like in tropical style? Maybe you like almost everything except the sea stones in the decor.

Be attentive to the details and you will be lucky to see your renovated design as the best art you ever seen.

desire to inspire designs

home decoration


5. FresHome

Choose the category that you like: Architecture, Bedroom, Furniture, Ideas, Kitchen, Living Room or Bathroom.

The designs in this blog are easy to do. Sometimes people just like to watch unordinary designs 2012, etc, but they always search for comfortable and easy designs.

This site will give you full information about eerything you need for the new design.


6. StyleTure

One more website about interior is StyleTure.com. They have great lighting ideas: indoor and outdoor.

The blog has a lot of sub-menus that would be also interesting for you: fabrics, flooring, green designs, hotel designs, kid rooms and even the man cave:)

styleture lightning idea

decor home idea


7. Adelto.co.uk

I adore this site for huge photos of the luxury residences, modern properties, guest houses near the ocean, exclusive villas, stunning architects, natural homes.

Just visit it once and you won’t leave this site.


8. Shelterness

For those who like accessories Shelterness will become one of your most favourite home decor blog.

They also share Before and After designs, DIY ideas and eco decors, gadget and appliances.



I think you already know HGTV. If you don’t know it, visit this site asap!

They have everything you can imagibe in the interior and outdoor design. Living rooms can be easily filtered by styles: contemporary, traditional, modern or eclectic.

You can search by professional designers: Andreas Charalambous, Erinn Valencich, Shelly Riehl David.

Even if you don’t know the names of these designers, you will remember the one that you like.

You can search for more design ideas from the best designers.


10. BeautifulLife.info

For stylish stuff you can visit BeautifulLife.info.

Sponge lamps, creative wall hooks, candy tents, studio pillows, bomb glasses and many other weird stuff for your room.

Such things inspire to think differently, unordinary. Google and Apple are numbers one in creating unbelievable things.


11. ChicTip

Very cute, soft and interesting photos of home decor can be found in the ChicTip blog.


It’s the end. Hope you like one of the home decor blogs that I shared with you.



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  1. I really like the styles of the pictures you posted. I just started doing some home decor at my new place. There’s this site I stumbled on called worldtohome. I’ve bought a few things from them and they have a great selection with speedy shipping. Just thought I’d share with everyone. Here’s a link if anyone is interested.



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