DIY Painting with One Word: Before and After

Irene Pasat June 6, 2011

Diy paint: After

Diy paint: After

Diy painting: Before

Diy painting: Before

Spoiler: I found a neat use for parchment paper!

I taped off the first colour blocked section. I painted it a pale blue/turquoise, using a large paintbrush and acrylic paint.

I waited three hours for the paint to dry, then taped off another section and painted it. I waited for three hours and finally painted the final cream block of colour. For all three colours I used a dry paintbrush and brushed away from the tape to help avoid bleeding.

While I waited for the paint to dry (as tempting as it was to watch), I worked on the letters. I printed out the letters I wanted and taped them together with spacing that looked “right”.

I laid parchment paper over the word and carefully traced the perimeter of the letters. You can also purchase artist’s tracing paper, but parchment paper was convenient and I found it worked just as well. And thanks to Costco I have oodles of it.

Then I flipped the parchment paper over and followed the outline of the tracing I had done. I placed paper under the parchment paper because the graphite transferred.
I flipped the parchment again and followed traced the letters with my pencil again. The tracing I did on the back side deposited graphite on the canvas.

I filled in the lines using a very small, angled paintbrush. I prefer this method because it created a hand drawn look (but much neater than my hands could do unassisted) and not a stenciled look. But this project would work with letter stencils too.

Here is my colour inspiration: an ad I filed away just because the colour combo was so inspiring. Looking for some inspiration of your own? Check out this post for some text-y works of art.

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