Bathroom lighting: modern, decorative, unique

Today we’ll talk about bathroom lighting: modern, unique and simple to set up.

Think about time that you spent in the bathroom.

Do you like to take a shower or do you prefer baths?

How much time do you spend in the bathroom?

Do you need bright light there or you just relax for hours?

All answers to the above question will give you a hint what type of lighting your bathroom needs.

So, let’s imagine that you adore bathing for hours, relaxing, reading and dreaming sitting in the bath.

Pendant Lamps and the Horizontal Mirror

Pendant Lamps and the Horizontal Mirror

home light

Wall light

Dreaming light

I suppose you need several lighting spots. We’ll use unique ideas for creating easy and natural light for all your purposes.

Candles will help to decorate the bathroom and make it the best spa center for you.

How much light do you need while reading in the bath? Right, a lot.

But we won’t have relaxing  atmosphere when we turn on the light on the ceiling.

For reading purposes and relaxing at one time you need to have large candles.


Evoluzione by Agape

Evoluzione by Agape

Spa lighting

Candle light in the bathroom

A.  Large candles give you bright light for comfortable reading.

B. Such candles will be easy to place at the bath

C. People need to be careful with the hair when small candles are used.

When you are relaxing, you don’t want to notice the world around you.

Large candles will stand higher than your  head, so it is safer while reading or laying in the bath.

Make-up light

If you dress up and make-up in the bathroom, than the light near the mirror is the must have.

Elegant and romantic bathroom light fixture

Elegant and romantic bathroom light fixture

Beautiful bathroom lighting

Beautiful bathroom lighting

You can choose the light above the mirror or by the sides.

large bathroom

Pedant light in bathroom

Both options at one time is also great. I prefer light by the sides, but it’s just about the personal taste.

If you have the mirror near the window, then you don’t need to think about what type of light to choose.

Natural light will be  forever number one.

Main light

Bathroom lighting

Bathroom lighting

For the main lighting in the bathroom you can choose whatever you like.

Chandeliers will be suitable for large and gorgeous bathrooms.

But you can buy it when remodeling your room.

Discounted lamps

Flower lighting in the bathroom

It is not an easy choice, but you still can find discounts for the bathroom light.

Mini chandeliers will add comfortable atmosphere and bathing will be even more relaxing.

If you like minimalistic style, you can choose and follow the modern style and buy kichler fixtures.

Kichler Store

I added this store for you to start with the ideas.

They have great designs online and you can search inspiration for you remodeling at home.

You can watch the bathroom gallery at Kichler lighting store.

Luxury bathroom

Unique bathroom style

Good luck in home interior designing:)

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