6 Ideas for Kitchen Seating

There’s a lot more involved in planning a kitchen than choosing the worktops, flooring and appliances. Consideration must be given to every aspect of the design; from tiling to taps, shelving to seating. Creating a room in which all of the elements work together can be a tricky process, since what you love and what you need might not complement one another.

You could involve a specialist interior design company like London-based Increation to help align your tastes into a coherent plan that encompasses every element of the style you are after. Thoroughly researching everything will pay in dividends when you stand back and admire the results. Finding the right seating is a key to feeling comfortable and relaxed in your kitchen, so here are a few options for you to mull over.

6 Ideas for Kitchen Seating


If space is at a minimum, benches are the perfect way to maximise it. You can fit more people round a table if they are sat on a bench because there are usually only four legs on a bench, opposed to a potential 12 chair legs, not to mention arms. They will also fit snugly under the table when not in use.

Bar Stools

For an informal look you could use bar stools, or high chairs that work with a sideboard or shelf. This will give your kitchen a relaxed feel and is perfect for casual entertaining. They will also take up less space than a traditional table with chairs.

Kitchen Chairs

Plastic Chairs

Philippe Starck’s Ghost, and Charles and “Ray” Eames DSR chairs have proven that plastic chairs can be chic and stylish as well as being practical. Plastic chairs are easy to look after, robust and look great in a modern, fashionable kitchen.

Dining Room


If you have enough space to put a comfortable armchair in the corner of your kitchen it will lend a friendly, welcoming look to the room. The kitchen is the heart of the home, after all, and naturally a great place to relax, unwind and put your feet up at the end of a busy day.

Window Seat

Make the most of any view of the world that your kitchen might have by installing a window seat. It is a great way to save space at the same time as creating extra seating. If you have a window ledge large and low enough, simply place cushions or a piece of fabric-covered foam in the recess.

Folding or Stacking Chairs

Always being prepared for extra guests is a good idea, particularly if you have children. Chairs that stack or fold away are a sound investment, both space-saving and practical. Go for wooden or metal for a more robust chair.

Finding the right chairs for your room takes thought, time and effort, but since they will be used daily and become part of your everyday life, you should choose them thoughfully. Get the balance right between style, purpose and comfort and you will be sitting pretty for many years to come.

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