What is good about Google’s Office Interior?

Google has the offices that look like a dream and I will explain why they do so.

Imagine that you are sitting in the dark room with no windows, fresh air and no space to walk a bit after the hard work. How would you feel? Would you be inspired for new ideas? Of course, no.

That’s why Google understands the importance of the interior.

Today I will explain you why Google’s interior looks so great.

1. Eco friendly interior

Clear mind is the clear surrounding. Everything in our lives is connected.

Nature helps us so much. We feel fresh and renewed after the picnic, we are inspired when we see the landscapes, we feel happy when we see animals and all its beauty.

We need to value these things and decorate our homes according to natural rules as much as possible.

Googles Newest Tokyo Offices

Googles Newest Tokyo Offices


eco friendly office

eco friendly office

2. Creative and unique designs

If your life seems boring and you don’t have any ideas how to change it, then use your creativity at home.

Imagine that you are crazy and you don’t need to follow any rules, no more rules!

How will you paint the wall? What do you want to see there?

Inside Google's NYC Compound

Inside Google’s NYC Compound

google office interior

google office interior

Downgraf - Creative Google Office of Zurich

Downgraf – Creative Google Office of Zurich

Google’s interior sometimes look crazy and it is great, because they show the life,the real life.

office in google

office in google

3. Plants in the office

Plants give the atmosphere of the wood, of some place where we like to spend the weekends.

Try to decorate your working space as if it was your place for the weekend.

Plants, colorful accessories, strange desktop wallpapers, etc.

google office plants

google office plants

4. Places to rest

If you work hard, you need to rest.

Choose the relaxing method you like and add it to your interior.

Google's New Amsterdam Offices Are Extremely Dutch

Google’s New Amsterdam Offices Are Extremely Dutch

It can be the massage chair or the table game or the place for reading.

google office massage sauna

google office massage sauna

5. Make the small big

Interior may look extremely different when you take one ordinary thing and make it too big.

For example, Google office decorated the toilets with huge images of the man and the woman.

It seems that nothing special was done with these doors, but they look cool now.

funny toilet in google

funny toilet in google

6. Colorful Interior

Don’t forget about colors.

You know how great it is to walk in summer.

Colors that surround us influence us a lot.

So add colors to your office or the room.

colorful office in google

colorful office in google

7. Freedom and Large furniture

This interior idea is for big spaces.

Google's NYC

Google’s NYC

Large objects give the feeling of something huge, global and multinational.

red google kitchen

red google kitchen

Now you can see that interior ideas can be found everywhere.
Have a great day!

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