Top Content about Interior: June 2011 (8 Posts)

1. Butterfly Cakes: beautiful, bright, tasty

Cakes decorated with the butterflies:)

Such cakes will make your party sunny!

2.Landscape design: ideas, plans and budgeting

You are so lucky if you have the garden or some place for creativity near the house.

In this post I want to explain in several easy steps “Where should you start to design your landscape?”

3. Las Vegas Hotel Rooms: Bellagio and MGM

I found such big photos of their rooms that you can easily ad Las Vegas Hotel Room as your desktop wallpaper.

4. Bathroom Remodelling: Bathroom Tile Ideas

You spend so much time in the bathroom, so why don’t you remodel it in modern style or vintage.

In this article we’ll talk about bathroom tiles: ideas, designs, and patterns that will look great in any room.

5. 8 Red Room Interior Design Ideas

Red Room is for those who are active, passionate and optimistic.

I will show you how to make red interior easily and how to make it look comfortable for you.

6. 19 Interior Ideas for White Rooms (Part 1)

White rooms is the most popular interior in our houses.

What can you do with it to fresh up the atmosphere?

Follow the interior design ideas and tips for White rooms from Zvezdochka.

7. Bathroom Gallery – 7 design ideas in pictures

Pink bathroom design looks stylish and modern.

What can you do to have such a bath?

If currently you have the bathroom painted in one color – then it’s evern better.

8. 6 Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Kitchen is one of the most visited places in your house, right?

So it should be decorated perfectly.

If you cook there – comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen is the key to your great mood.

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How to Select Faux Wood Blinds

26 Interior Design Ideas with Wall Sconce

25 Utility carts in Interior Designs

24 Modern wine refrigerators in Interior Designs

Interior school of design

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Fitted bedrooms by Homebase

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  1. As an interior designer it is our work to look for new design and gathered ideas from different designers all over the world. Until I found this website that answers all my research about different tiles at home from bathroom tiles to kitchen, bedroom and ceramic floor tiles for the main house. Thanks to the wonderful idea and tips.

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