Top 10 Interior Design Posts: July 2011

Interior design posts in July 2011

1. Landscape design: ideas, plans and budgeting

In this post I want to explain in several easy steps “Where should you start to design your landscape?”
Plan the landscaping design:
Step 1: Budgeting: how much you can afford for your green design?
Step 2: Differences for big and small budgets: should you choose the landscaper or self-design?

2. Chinese Numerology – Good or Bad number?

Why are you afraid of the number 13?

Can you explain why is it so bad?

Some people on the contrast love this number and it brings them luck.

3. Bathroom Remodelling: Bathroom Tile Ideas

You spend so much time in the bathroom, so why don’t you remodel it in modern style or vintage.
In this article we’ll talk about bathroom tiles: ideas, designs, and patterns that will look great in any room.
Tile pictures from this post will give you ideas on how to remodel your bathroom so that it will be gorgeous.

4. 7 Luxury Villas Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is a region in Italy with Florence as a capital city.
If you like nature and architecture than you should go there.
This post is devoted to Luxury Villas in Tuscany.
I like new places, especially with incredible beauty and relaxing atmosphere.
Let’s get to reviewing best luxury villas that you can rent and even buy.

5. 7 Deck Design Ideas

Deck is the main place to rest in summer.
Deck Designing is very easy, so let’s see several exterior ideas for decks.

6. Las Vegas Hotel Rooms: Bellagio and MGM

Top Las Vegas Hotel Rooms
I don’t need to explain what’s Las Vegas is all about.
Today I would like to show you gorgeous rooms of Las vegas Hotels.
I found such big photos of their rooms that you can easily ad Las Vegas Hotel Room as your desktop wallpaper.

7. Bathroom according to Feng Shui

When you wake up, the first place that is giving you good beginning of the day is your bathroom. When you go to bad, bathroom gives you good preparation for a good sleep. Bathroom is the place where you take energy for the whole day and where you relax after the hard day.

8. 6 Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Kitchen is one of the most visited places in your house, right?
So it should be decorated perfectly.
If you cook there – comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen is the key to your great mood.

9. 9 Swedish Interior Design Ideas or White Room Ideas

White room
Elegant and light interior design style is called Swedish Interior.
Swedish style is usually made in white room with classical furniture, porcelain, simple curtains, time worn furniture and natural floor and doors.

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Interior school of design

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