Tips for creating a spacious living area

The hustle and bustle of London’s streets is unavoidable, which is why uncluttered living areas in the home become such a much sought-after luxury. Although this kind of living is easier to achieve in a large house, it is still possible to replicate in a smaller London terraced house by using a few clever space maximising techniques.

Light it up

To make the most out of the limited space that you have you must carefully consider the importance of lighting; brightly lit rooms will always seem larger and more contemporary than dark shadowed rooms. In an ideal world you would have several large sun-facing windows to flood your room with natural light. However, here in London, it’s more likely that your neighbour’s brick wall is the only thing visible from your window. If natural light isn’t plentiful, a quick fix which may work wonders is to simply swap out your low powered yellow bulbs for bright and brilliant white bulbs. Yellow florescent light is unflattering for the home and gives your furniture and fittings a dated look and feel.

dining room

dining room

See here how Aberdare Gardens has heaps of natural light from sky light, huge sliding doors and two frosted windows but for those overcast days an array of 24 ceiling mounted flood lights should do the trick.

Go Glossy

Your spacious kitchen and living area is likely to be where most of your time is spent while you’re at home. Try and make this area the sleekest, most stylish part of your home – somewhere that you’re proud to show off. Chose unusual glossy units and top of the range designer appliances before you settle for standard dull units and nondescript mass produced appliances. Richmond Bridge features some beautiful shiny unit tops, an imposing fridge freezer, and even a wine fridge. Yet even with bold appliances, the room feels uncluttered, spacious and elegant.



Splash of colour

It can be easy to get carried away and use too much neutral colour which may result in a contemporary but bland looking living area. To get away from a clinical feel use a splash of colour to bring some character into your living area. A hint of colour in a room can work wonders for creating a sense of space and comfort.

interior color

interior color

This guest article was written by Ben Leeds from London based luxury rentals business onefinestay. You can follow more of Ben’s articles on the onefinestay blog.

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