Tips for Brightening Up Your Home

It’s summer! It’s sunny! At least when it’s not raining. Either way, it’s definitely not a time that you want to be spending cooped up indoors in a darkened room. So why not let some light in? After all, sometimes a little interior design can be just the thing to revamp yourself and your home. You can perk up your home in a variety of ways – whether by creating more space, adding more colour, or letting in more light. If you’re thinking of undertaking a simple project to kick off the summer, start off with these simple methods for brightening up your home:

Paint Your Front Door – And Match It

One of my friends recently moved into a property that had a beautiful green front door. She liked it so much that she actually bought some new kitchen and living room accessories to match! It’s such a simple idea but a surprisingly really effective way of making brightly coloured accents in your home feel that bit more cohesive. Granted, not all of us are looking to replace our current crockery and cutlery – but you could always work backwards this way and paint your front door in whatever colour with which you’ve already accented your home. Fortunately for my friend, emerald green is in vogue this season! So is beige, but that might be less ideal for a front door…

Get Creative With Storage

Storage does not, I repeat, does not have to be functional at the expense of style. There are loads of creative storage solutions out there that actually serve as great decorative pieces that brighten up a room wonderfully. If you’ve got a bookshelf or lots of DVDs, why not arrange them by colour? Alternately, old shutter doors make for lovely storage pieces – you could put one in your living room or hallway and hang decorations on it, or you could put one in your bedroom as a place to keep your accessories. You could even turn one into a charming little nook for your mail. By de-cluttering in stylish ways, your space won’t just be neater; it’ll be brightened up by way of brightly coloured storage pieces.

Wall Pieces

This should be embarked upon carefully because a cluttered wall has the opposite effect of brightening up a space. But a great way of making a space appear bigger is by hanging up mirrors in strategic places. Mirrors are a great way to pay tribute to interior design trends without slavishly redecorating every few months as well – currently, brass is in, so why not get a mirror with a brass frame? Alternately, repaint mirror frames to reflect changing pattern trends – like animal prints or floral prints.

Window Dressing

The fact that windows are the main source of natural light in the home makes the way we dress windows all the more important. Whether you’re opting for curtains, blinds, or shutters, the right kind of window treatment perks up a room and adds to its overall feel significantly – as long as said window treatment is custom-made to fit your windows so the resulting effect doesn’t look off. Window shutters in particular are a classic, timeless touch for windows that moderate light nicely and add a breezy, summery air to a room no matter what the season.

Nature’s Touch

If floral patterns are popular now, you can add to the effect with some actual flowers. Alternately, some potted plants, seashells, bits of driftwood, or pebbles are a great way to blur the line between indoors and outdoors – making your space feel livelier in the process. You could even add themes to each room differently – with seashells and ‘water’-type pieces in the bathroom and flowers and plants in the living room, for example. Your home will definitely feel fresher and brighter for it.

Do you have any other tips for brightening up your home? I’d love to hear them, do share them in the comments!

Estelle Page is an avid interior designer, and loves nothing better than to make a space more pretty and functional. She shares her tips and advice by blogging for Appeal Shading.

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