The top interior designs schools

If you are looking to start a career in interior design getting an education in the field could greatly benefit your success as a designer in the working world.

There are many programs that are offered for interior design both at on campus schools and at online interior design schools.

The most common degree held by a professional interior designer is a baccalaureate degree, however most professionals will pursue higher education in fields that correlate with interior design or even a masters in interior design.

Subjects that will be useful to an interior designer and are related to are things like fine art or industrial design.

Requirements for Admissions

Each school will be different in the requirements they have for being accepted for admissions, but there are some things that are pretty much universal.

All schools will require you to fill out an application, some schools charge a fee for the application but not all of them do.

Most schools will also require high school or college transcripts.

If you haven’t completed at least 24 hours of college credit courses you may also have to provide your high school transcripts as well.

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If you are currently in high school and applying for admissions you will have to provide your ACT or SAT scores.

Now here is where admissions get fun. Some schools have projects and portfolios also as a part of the application process.

A great example is the application process at Parsons School for Design.

Their project is “Explore something overlooked within your familiar surroundings and daily life.

Choose one object, activity or location”

The guidelines are to interpret what you discover through 3 pieces of art using any medium.

You must support each piece with an essay of 250 words.

The series should covey a conceptual and creative response to the object, activity or location you chose.

This is a great project and is a part of the application at Parsons.

Getting Noticed

When there are things like the project I mentioned earlier you want to make sure that you and your work do not go unnoticed.

This is true even if there is no project most will require a portfolio and some may require an essay.

Your portfolio is a great tool to get noticed with your application.

Focus on your best works.

Make sure to present them professionally and creatively.

Use your personality in your portfolio and or your essay.

You want to make sure that who you are speaks to the people reviewing your application and portfolio.

In a place where there are hundreds of people going to be educated in the same field you have to make sure that the talent you posses stands out and gets you and your work noticed.

If you have to write an essay put your personal style in the way that you write, take your sense of self and let the review board get a good glimpse at that.

Remember that they expect professionalism but also love personality.

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Stand out with your talend in interior design

There are many opportunities for those who are pursuing a career in interior design, it is a great art form and a great way to earn money doing something creative.

If you are seeking out education in interior design you have many options, and don’t forget about the schooling you can receive from an online program.

Being knowledgeable in the field you want to work in will ensure you great success and with interior design probably earn you plenty of customers.

Explore all of your options, find the school that is right for you and remember to let your personality shine through.

Your work is an expression of who you are, if you never forget that a career in design will be a enlightening and rewarding career for you.

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