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Feature Article: The Wrong Sort of Energy

Most of us think we’d like a little more energy. Spiritual feng shui is needed here. When you just can’t make yourself getup in the morning to go for a jog before walk, you blame it on your lack of energy.

When McDonalds just looks too tempting on the way home from work, you tell yourself that you are too tired, and don’t have the energy to cook dinner. (Then you go grab that Super-Sized Big Mac meal, and add an apple pie so its sugar can give you energy!).

And energy drinks are now almost as popular as their traditional substitute… coffee. But when it comes to your home, believe it or not there can be such a thing as too much energy! If you find yourself feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and even stuck and unable to act, you are most likely living in a house with a Chi overload!

“-” TV

In Feng Shui terms, too much energy doesn’t let you get your household chores done at Superman’s lightning speed, then sit down to watch television … unfortunately! It makes you feel
overwhelmed, unsettled, restless and unsatisfied, and often makes it more difficult to act on things. In many cases, the trappings of modern life contribute heavily to an overdose of Chi – especially electrical trappings like TVs, radios and computers. They constantly bombard us with information, sights, sounds, colors, flashing lights …their intense energy distracts you from things that you know will be more valuable in
the long term. Like getting out and seeing the sunshine, breathing some fresh air and sweating a little! So, how do you counteract the influence of these ‘essential’ items in your home?

“+” TV

A good first step is to re-assess whether they really are ‘essential’! If you have a TV in your lounge room, your bedroom, and the children’s bedroom, think about whether you need all of them. Sure, going back to one TV in the lounge room might mean a little more compromising – but that is a lost art anyway!

Removing TVs from the bedrooms will also improve the quality of yours and your children’s sleep – you need your bedroom to be a quiet, restful area for maximum rejuvenation. And to give you maximum ‘energy’!

If you have good reasons for keeping all of your televisions, put them in cabinets that have closing doors. Wooden or metal ones, depending on which elements are in shorter supply in your home, are best. Glass

cabinets don’t really block the energy of the TV, as you can still see it.

Alternatively, and as a cheaper solution, you can cover your TVs with colourful sheets or blankets when they are not in use. Follow the color guidelines for the Gua in which they are positioned, and remember to take them off completely when the TV is on, so it doesn’t overheat! It may also push you a little further towards going to the gym rather than turning on the telly if it is out of sight.

“-” Radios

Radios are another source of rushing, overwhelming Chi. Constant music, fast talking, advertisements and jingles make for quite a bombardment of the senses!

“+” Radios

If you have a radio as your alarm clock, consider getting a traditional beeping or ringing one, to help slow down the general Chi of your home.

If you keep a radio on during the day because you are alone in your house and can’t stand the silence, there are plenty of alternatives. Wind chimes make a beautiful natural sound, and are way to remind yourself to open the windows and get the fresh air that every house needs!

Place a bird bath in your yard (the front one if you have a cat or dog in the back) for some beautiful natural sounds.

Alternatively, put your radio on a timer which is set to come on only for programs that you want to listen to, which will automatically turn it off when they are finished. Another choice here is to join the digital age, and podcast only what you want to listen to! Plug these programs in on your way to work, or while you are cooking dinner.

“-” Computer

Computer is another necessity in a modern home, but are just as much a source of rushing energy as your TV and radio. Although the screen doesn’t change unless you click something or interact with it somehow, your computer puts a whole universe of information at your fingertips. There’s a lot of energy there! Plus the temptation to check your emails or facebook account one more time, or just have a look at the most
recent news stories. Perhaps you’ll just check your bank account one more time …and all of a sudden your computer has held you captive for three hours!

“+” Computer

Turn the computer off when you aren’t using it, instead of using the hibernate or standby functions, so that access is harder.

You can also use sheets or blankets, like with your TVs, to hide it from view and make it less of a temptation as a time-waster. This has the added advantage of keeping your monitor dust-free.

If you use a laptop on a desk, shut the lid when it isn’t in use.

As well as the energy that comes from the function of these modern machines, electromagnetic energy can accumulate within your house from too many of these devices. Things like fridges are fairly essential, but other things can be turned off at the wall when you aren’t using them. Don’t leave televisions or computers on standby.

You also need to think (again!) about how many of these items you really need. The true answer is zero – see how close you can come to that!

Q&A: I run a home office, and need quite a lot of electrical / electronic devices in this area of my home. How can I counter all of that fast Chi and electromagnetic energy?

Home offices can be one of the problem areas of many homes, for this very reason.

Computers are pretty much essential in here, as are printers. Fax machines and phones are prevalent in home offices, and a radio or TV often helps break up the work day. Add a fan or a heater, a Bluetooth camera or cellphone dock, and any number of the high-tech devices like Blackberries, Blu-ray or infra-red bits and pieces that have all been invented in the last three years, and it will be a wonder if you get any work done at all! However, they certainly are manageable, with just a little thought and effort.

Follow all of the same advice that applies in the rest of your house – this makes the first step getting rid of anything that isn’t really needed! Do you have to have a fax, or does email suffice most of the time? Can you use those terribly old-fashioned plugs on the side of your computer rather than Bluetooth (and all of its country cousins?!). Do you have duplicates of any electronic items, and could any of them be easily placed elsewhere in the house? Once you have cleared out what you can, keep going with the rest of the advice. Don’t turn things on (using the wall switch) until you need to. You’ll find yourself more productive for the entire eight hours that you work by doing this, making up for the added hassle of turning your printer on twice a day.

Cover things that aren’t being used – you may want to keep them all neatly within a cupboard, rather than having a random assortment of sheets in your office (turning it into a bit of a morgue!). Position the cupboard near your powerpoint, and cut a small hole that plugs will fit through at the back. You can also counter all of the rushing Chi by having as much solid, sturdy furniture as you can. This helps to slow and balance the speed of your home office energy. Choose a big, heavy desk, and make your pen holders and document trays of solid, heavy materials, rather than plastic.

When you are working, only have the programs or browser windows and tabs open that are necessary for what you are doing. This will help you focus your energy on what you are doing … getting it done sooner, and getting you away from work quicker! You can also add some natural elements and materials to your home office to help balance out all those wires and electrodes and plastic cases. Build a Zen garden for
your desk, or make a crystal feature above the door or on the windowsill. Use nice heavy stone mugs rather than melamine cups for coffee, and anywhere that you can replace plastic with wood or metal, do it! You’ll feel much better after a day at work, and also be more productive for your time there.

Tip: BYO Chi

Chi is not just something that your home has – it is actually a universal life force, found everywhere. You bring your Chi with you to your workplace, to the shops, picking your kids up from school – it doesn’t get left at your front door.

And one of the most powerful impacts on how you feel is what you are wearing! If you are focusing on improving a particular area of your home, wear the colors that you are using there. Pink and red clothing is great for a passion and romance boost, while black and purple help you focus, and yellow brings happiness to your mood.

You can also incorporate crystals into your wardrobe – either sew small ones onto your clothing as decorations, or buy bracelets and necklaces made from the crystals that help enhance the energy you are focusing on. Jade encourages financial prosperity and rose quartz is good for relationships. Use wood or metal jewelry, belts, and hair accessories when you are trying to correct an elemental imbalance in your life. Wood encourages growth, and metal attracts and then transmits energy.

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