The Latest Design Trends for 2013

The Latest Design Trends for 2013
We spend most of our time inside our homes. Because of this, we want our home to be designed to our own tastes and preferences.

This article will give a brief overview of some of the latest interior design trends and ways in which you can use them in your own home.

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The Bedroom
For many the bedroom is a place of refuge and relaxation, which needs to be reflected in its design.
Green, especially emerald green, and reds are the trending colours this year and this can be transferred to the room. Green can give the bedroom a nice and natural feel whilst the use of reds can create a warm and relaxing mood.

The use of wallpaper is in high demand this year. It gives the room an added layer and can help to make the room feel much more intimate and cosy. Wallpaper can come in many different styles so another advantage of using wallpaper is that it can be personalised. You may adjust it to a pattern and texture, which you feel will suit the room and the mood you are trying to convey.

The Kitchen
The kitchen is no longer a female dominated area. Long gone are the days when the woman was seen as the housewife, cooking for the whole family.

The kitchen is fast becoming a more male friendly area and more and more men are taking up the mantle of cooking for the family instead of leaving it to their wives.

2013 is going to see the kitchen have a much more masculine feel to it with men pitching in with design ideas for the room. A room they are going to be very active in using!

Consult the man in your life before deciding on the style of your kitchen, he’ll thank you for it!

There are many other hot kitchen design trends for 2013, check this out for more inspiration.

Bathrooms are often one of the first rooms people want to redesign and modern bathrooms are going down a storm currently. There has not been a huge shift in taste for bathroom design in 2013.

Sinks are often an area of the bathroom where people like to bring in their own design ideas. Indeed modern sinks have proven very popular recently. In the area of faucet trends, though, a change can be seen.

2013 has seen a definite move away from more modern faucets and towards a more traditional style. This shift towards a traditional style has brought about the return of bronze faucets. These are great for giving the room an altogether more rustic and traditional feel.

The Lounge
The living room is the most visited room in the house, so the design of it should reflect the personality you would like it to have.

For 2013 there is a shift towards more natural materials in the living room. Natural materials are good for projecting a feeling of warmth and comfort to the room whilst also giving a nice rustic feel.

Wood is a classic material to use, if you want to project a more natural feel to the room. And guess what!It’s bang on trend! Wood is versatileand can be used for many different purposes.

Coffee tables are a must in any living room.Go with the trend and introduce wooden coffee tables into your lounge to give it a more natural feel.

Wooden floors are a great way to incorporate wood into your living room design. Wooden floors come in many different forms and they can vary in their shade and finish.Different types will look great in different settings. For example,we love this style.


Bio: Jessie King is an enthusiastic freelance writer who have a key interest in interior design, home improvement.

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