Summer Rooms Interior Design Ideas

Summer room is the light interior that makes you feel relaxed and happy.

1. Flower Pattern

Flowers and the sun are the first things that we imagine when we think about summer.

For summer interior you’ll need to add flower patterns where you like.

The easiest way to change your room is to buy curtains and blankets.

Choose the flowers of fresh and bright colors.

You will feel as if you are going to the personal garden at home.

summer room flower print

summer room flower print

2. Sun in your room

Bring the Sun t your room.

Yellow color will be the part of your interior that symbolizes the sun.

If you like this color during the whole year, then you can change the furniture and make it yellow.

If you just want to experiment, then changing the bed cover and the curtains will be the perfect interior idea.

yellow summer room

yellow summer room

3. Place for Reading

Summer is the season for fun, relaxing and dreaming.

It is the time for drinking tea with your friends and telling secrets to each other.

And when you stay alone, when you feel happy about your life you would like to read a book.

Create a special place near the window just for reading and writing your diary.

Buy a special chair that will give you the atmosphere of comfort and joy.

summer room place to read

summer room place to read

4. Fresh flowers

Bring a bit of nature to your house.

A small bouquet will change the atmosphere immediately.

summer room fresh flowers

summer room fresh flowers

5. Bright colors

If you don’t really like sunny yellow color in the interior, then add bright colors.

With these colors your room will be the best summer room 2011.

summer room bright colors

summer room bright colors

6. Green color

For those who want to have a garden at home, add green pattern to your room.

A lot of green is not always good, so choose natural colors.

green summer room

green summer room

Have a great weekend!

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