Stage your home for success

Not all sellers are aware or understand the importance of staging the home before showing the property. First impression is very important in selling a home. Can break or make the deal…. in many cases. Stage your home for success starting today.

The potential buyer is looking for the home that matches his interests, dreams and practical needs. The minute he stops on your driveway his mind starts recording every detail that may surprise him presently or unpleasantly. There are many factors that come into his perception and builds up his interests in buying.

Eco drivaway

Eco driveway

Tangible factors that build interest in buying:

curb apparel,
house exterior apparel,
plan layout

Less tangible factors

general feeling of calm,
good energy.

Some people say: This feels like a happy house… feels so good and inviting.

As much as a seller can do to stage the home to its best potential there is something else that pushes the presentation further. Feng Shui practices can add perceived value to your home in a buyer’s mind. In case you’re not familiar with this concept, here are some tips for incorporating it into your house.

Employ the sense of sight.

Try to maximize the space, get rid of unnecessary clutter, make sure your home offers lots of horizontal space. Let as much natural light to come in as possible. Keep it clean, turn on front porch lights if the viewing will be after dark, place a nice doormat in the entry, and have flowers or lush plants on either side of the entryway.

Employ the sense of smell.

Use cinnamon or pine scents… or just bake an apple pie before the open house (it gives a real sense of welcome).

Employ the sense of sound.

Soft music or sound of a pleasantly gurgling fountain…

Employ the new energy into the house

by mentally getting ready to move out of the house – your own stuff – to make room for the new owner’s stuff. That sets ina motion of powerful energy,and also gives you a head start on your own moving out.

Throughout the Home:


When you clear the clutter you are actually allowing stagnant energy to be displaced and fresh, positive energy to take hold.

Inviting interior design

Inviting interior design


Help the prospective buyers to visualize themselves in your home, remove personal collections or family photos.

Comfortable living room

Comfortable living room


The kitchen should be inviting, friendly and exudes a feeling of health and prosperity. Keep counters immaculately clean, organize your pantry, and keep all wastebasket out of sight.

Clean kitchen design

Clean kitchen design


Bathrooms represent yin, or unhealthy, energy. Keep the bathroom door shut, out of the sight and immaculate, fresh and clean. When they do inspect the bathroom, it’s also critical to make sure the toilet lid is down. It’s also important that potential buyers never see a toilet until they actually open the door and expect to see one.

Bathroom with white tile

Bathroom with white tile

Every single room in the house is important in getting a general impression about your home. You may not ever know what was that “click” that triggered buyer decision to do ahead. Let the home introduce itself to its new owner. It is an interaction (a conversation) at deep level of comfort and trust. Let that process come easy. Let the home reveal it’s qualities.

“I used to ask my clients what was the main reason they picked that particular home to buy. I get unexpected comments and reactions. Besides the practical reasons; Price, Schools, Neighborhoods, distance to work place… I get personal reaction to what that home gave them the feeling of relaxation, comfort, joyful prosperity.” said specialist.

If you can’t afford to hire a specialist in staging your home for sale, just follow the simple rules here above and you can’t go wrong.

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