Revive and Re-Seal Old Home Furniture for Your Garden

Bio: Estelle Page is an experienced interior designer with a knack for DIY. She loves luxury design but with two kids to raise would rather it was achieved without the luxury price tag! I know that living on a budget can be tough; you have to make the most of what you’ve got. I’ve recently revamped some old indoor furniture and recommend it to anyone wanting a new project that’ll leave them very comfortable in their garden. Let’s face it, most of that old furniture that’s cluttering your home can go to use in your garden.

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It shouldn’t take too long to do and it will save you all the bother of hunting for expensive new sets. So, with a little elbow grease, you will have a brand new place to enjoy your favourite pieces. Tool Kit   It’s best to ensure you have the following as basics: Hard and soft sand paper Old clothes to wear Gloves Paint brushes Wood dye Wood and metal sealer Scotchgard stain and water repellent An old sheet A dry area to work in and store drying furniture Getting Started For furniture such as wooden coffee tables or anything else made out of a tree, it’s good to start by thoroughly sanding them down! Smoothing out any lumps and bumps from years of use should leave the furniture in prime condition to be treated and left outside.   Next, wash the wood down with some warm, soapy water (a slightly damp cloth should do – don’t soak the wood or it may warp) and leave it to dry naturally. Once dry you can add wood stain to bring out the colour. This can often require a few coats and a day’s drying time in between, so it’s not a quick project!   Once dried, apply two to three thin coats of wood sealant or varnish. Leaving the wood to dry overnight in a dry garage or shed should leave the varnish to truly protect the wood.   If however you have metal furniture then check that any rust is removed with a scouring pad. Wipe down with a cloth and apply a good waterproof lacquer to all areas with a clean, soft brush. Repeat this two or three times and allow to dry completely. For wood and metal furniture with cracks and crevices, try using a sealant. This should prevent rusting or rotting. If you choose to make your dining table al fresco, purchase a good waterproof table cloth and make sure it doesn’t fly away in the wind with some decorative stones or pot plants in the corners. Of course, if you wanted to enjoy shade at your table, it would simply be a matter of purchasing a waterproof umbrella and drilling a hole in the middle of the table. A bucket of sand can hold the base of the umbrella in good stead.   Fabric   It’s best to opt for special outdoor fabrics which are designed to withstand a constant battering and soaking from the elements. However, if you’re determined to take your chintz dining chairs outside, any fabric that is attached to the furniture can be sealed and protected using products like Scotchguard.   It’s quick and easy to apply; it will protect the fabric for a few months of weathering (less if there’s a downpour) so be prepared to reseal the fabric every few months. Don’t wait until the coating is already wearing off or water will have seeped into the stuffing and mould will start to form!   Do you have any indoor-to-outdoor furniture tricks to share?

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