Remodel your blue bathroom with new accessories

Usually we already have the bathroom colored in one paint or designed in one style.

In a year or two, even if the bathroom looks perfect, you want to freshen it.

We don’t want to remodel it completely to blue, but adding new bath accessories would cheaply renew the look.

Do you have any ideas where should you start?

I would suggest to start from colors.

In this post we’ll discuss the blue bathroom remodeling for cheap.

Interior design idea: choose the color to combine the blue color.

Stained glass window in the bathroom

Stained glass window in the bathroom

blue bathroom

Big blue bathroom with white curtains

Several ideas for decorating your blue bathroom:

A. Add white Color

Blue bathroom with the white combination will create the relaxing and calm atmosphere.

White color is the easiest way to give new life for the room.

Bathroom accessories of white and black colors are classics and easy to find even on sales and cheaply.

B. Silver color in blue bathroom

This color is very similar to white color in the sense of creating the spa atmosphere.

You can easily combine blue, silver and white colors.

Just buy new bath towels, accessories, mats, shower curtains, etc.

Nautical small bathroom design idea

Nautical small bathroom design idea

White combined with blue in this bathroom

Blue bathroom combined with white color

C. Plus Red color

Blue and red bath is the great play between water and fire.

D. And Black color

Black and blue bathroom look gorgeous.

But you need to me attentive and balance these two deep colors with white or green.

Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray

Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray

Make a splash in your bathroom with a pop of color

Make a splash in your bathroom with a pop of color

blue bathroom with stripes

Modern Blue Bathroom and red detail

E. Green and blue bathroom

I guess it’s the best choice to make the bathroom design in the beach style.

You can easily decorate the bath with the stones, sand, green mats, like the grass.

The photo of the vacation at the sea or ocean will give the perfect look to your stylish bathroom.

What bath items can you easily change?

I divided the items on 4 groups.

It’s better to buy sets according to these types.

It is not very easy for some small cities to find a perfect color combination.

For example, it would be difficult to combine the mat and the shower curtain, ot the curtain and basic bath accessories.

Scintillating mosaic of aquamarine glass tile

Scintillating mosaic of aquamarine glass tile

Bathroom decorated in natural colors

Bathroom decorated in natural colors

A. Bathrooms accessories: toothbrush holders + soap dish/dispenser + tumbler

You’ve chosen the colors for the combination with your blur bathroom before.

So now you should choose the bath accessories of that color.

I liked the idea E, so I will buy green toothbrush holders and soap dispensers.

Or if I find grey bath set of the round shape as the stones then I will definitely prefer stones.

B. Mats/Rugs + Towels

You can buy the mat and towels of the same color and similar texture.

For my blue bath I will add green mat as the grass and towels of dark blue color or the same green.

C. The waster bin + toiletbrush

These bath items shouldn’t be the same as the bathroom accessories in the step A.

It won’t look good, when your toothbrush holder and the toilet brush are of one color.

But it’s my opinion. I would rather separate in style these bath decorations.

D. Photos and art

Add your vacation photos to the new bathroom.

E. Candles

Do you like romantic atmosphere?

Add the candles.

blue bathroom

Big blue bathroom with white curtains

F. Unique shower curtain

The last thing and the most interesting is the shower or bath curtain.

The curtain is the brightest spot in your bathroom decoration.

What color of the curtain would you like to have?

I would suggest to have three colors in your bathroom: blue + two more.

In my example I’ve chosen grey and green.

I would choose the grey curtain to combine will small bathroom accessories.

Now you have basic ideas of the bathroom remodeling.

Start changing your life today.

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  2. Hello? I’m also wondering what paint color the blue bathroom is in the first photo?


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