Plants in Feng shui

feng shui flowers.jpgPlants bring positive energy (Chi) to your house, so today we’ll discuss the topic Plants in Feng shui. The place where it will stand will be prosperous. If you want to activate you love then, place it in the Northeast or Southeast of your house. Flying star 4 and flying star 9 are placed in these sections of your house in the year 2008. So if you will have them there, it will have positive effect on your life. You can read in the articles “Flying star advices” in details what will be activated in the year 2008 if you put the plant in the specific area. One tip: it is not good to place a plant in the zones, where bad flying stars are (West, NW, SW).It might activate bad energy of the stars that are there.

When you choose a plant, make sure that it has wide and rounded leaves. You can buy Jade Plant.feng shui jade plant.jpg

Fiscus plant has gorgeous look with the soft leaves.

feng shui fiscus.jpgAvoid: Plants with pointed and sharp leaves. Spider plants are also not advised according to Feng shui. I think, you already know the most popular plant of this kind – cactus. But if you already have Cactus, then place it the zone of Fire element. In 2008 number 9 (fire element) is in the Southeast. So Cactus and you will be in the benefit if the plant will be places in the Southeast. Computers have negative influence on a person, so you may put Cactus near the PC to weaken negative influence on the person.

silk-tulips.jpgArtificial plants are good if you care about how they look. If they will be with the dust on it, then you can imagine that the section, where such plant stands, also will be with the dust. Not good, right? You understand that healthy and clean plants are the paths to your happy life.

Plants outside the house are natural cures of your life. Flying stars, that we have in 2008 have bad and good energies. If you don’t want to activate bad energy of the Flying star 5, then make sure that you have pleasant surrounding outside your house in the place, where number 5 is located. In 2008 it will be in the South.

Feng Shui tells us, that house should be square or rectangle form. If you have missing corner, then it can be easily corrected. Place a plant outside your house, so that visually you will have the house of the correct form and the energy will be balanced.

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  1. Hi there again,

    Thank you for such a great article! I have a question however, my balcony faces south west closer towards west and i really want to put some plants there. Would that be a big no no then?

  2. al,

    Plants are always good:) Directions are not important here, because plants are natural source of energy. So place plants that you want on the balcony:)

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