Party Decorations: St.Patrick’s Day

March 17th is a happy day for celebrating St.Patricks’s Day. It’s a religious holiday all over the world.
If you want to create a special atmosphere at home, then you’ve chosen the right post for it.
Today’s I’ll give you several party decoration ideas for the St. Patricks Day.

St. Patricks Day: Add Green Colors

The color was blue at the beginning, but years later green started to be the assosiated color for this holiday.

st patrick's day

st patrick’s day

Patrick’s Day: Use Shamrock in decorations

This is a three leafed plant that is usually said to be Irish. But if you don’t have the shamrock in the store, you can use any green plants. The best choice is for fresh ones. People believe that the shamrock brings luck. Anyway, you can try to wear it on your clothes or just add some leaves to your interior.

st patrick's parade

st patrick’s parade

St.Patricks: Little Body

It looks like a small man and he is called the Leprechauns. A man from a Irish fairy tales. You can also add some stickers or even a statue of the “little body” to your room.

Choose the music for this celebration. Everything should assosiate with this holiday.

Prepare some jokes. When your friends come to you the jokes on this Day will be just the right choice.
Great party decorations, music, jokes – it seems that your holiday will be called the best!

If you don’t want to stop with the decorations and holiday assosiations, then put a ringtone for your mobile.

st patricks decoration

st patricks decoration

Now your party will rock.

Other St.Patrick’s fun doings: movies, books, online games, quizes, screensavers, wallpapers, etc.

When you end with your decorations you can go to see the parade. Wear something green and you may even take a beer.

Oh, and if you like cooking you can definitely find some great recipies.

Traditional St.Patricks’s food is corned beaf and cabbage and irish rarebit with tomatoes.

You may be interested to see table decorations that I wrote before.

Happy holiday!

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