My Vintage Interior Design Ideas

Hello All,


I reviewed my posts today and noticed that Victorian Interior posts inspired some of you to create retro rooms. So I decided to give more ideas about Vintage Interior Design.


A lot of people adore vintage clothes: dresses, t-shirts, etc. They are the most interested visitors to follow the ideas of this post.

Here are some examples of vintage furniture that can completely change the look of your room.


Decorative Chests

There are numerous ideas in Stacks and Stacks store. Delivery time depends on your location but almost everywhere the shipping is Free. I also liked the Cocktail table that is with storage space for all your stuff. Extra blankets or pillows can be easily hidden there.


Secondly, the furniture here is made by hands, so you can be sure that the quality is very good.


For those who have small room, can choose the Corner Ladies Table. Beautiful woodcarving and colorful design is very inspiring and looks antique.


The shape and the doors of the decorative chests are unique and look lovely.


Expedition Chestnut 2 Door Hall Chest - by Powell - 491-332

Expedition Chestnut 2 Door Demilune Console by Powell


Now let’s go to one of the most important interior design products: lamps and chandeliers.

Sensitive dress up for your room with give this vintage chandelier.

Filament Design 6-Light 33 in. Chandelier Venetian Patina Finish Vintage Carved Scavo Glass CLI-MEN8456-57

Venetian Patina Finish Vintage Carved Scavo Glass

Chairs and Sofas

Chairs bring warm and comfortable atmosphere to the room. Moreover, chairs and sofas that look old give mysterious mood: ghosts, door creak, the sound of the clock.

Don’t wait for too long and buy the chair that may look like the outdoor furniture.

Trex Outdoor Furniture Yacht Club Vintage Lantern Patio Rocking Chair TXR100VL

Yacht Club Vintage Lantern Patio Rocking Chair

Vintage Hotels

If you want to change your living style just for a weekend or the vacation time, then Vintage Hotels will gladly invite you. I found Vintage Park hotel in Seattle. You can search for such offers in your area. I am sure there are a lot of great deals online.


Vintage Park Hotel

Park Hotel


Hope this post was useful and insiring for you. See you soon!




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