Modern Man Cave

Living space for men and women differ so much.

And I am sure you will easily identify why this room is for girl and this one for the boy.

Textures, shapes, sizes – all these details create female or male living room.

Today I will explain you how to create a comfortable modern men apartment or so-called man cave.

To tell the truth, I didn’t find a lot of interior designs that are felt to be male.

But I tried my best to find the decorating that can be definitely named “apartment for the man”

1. Dark Colors (NO to dreamy girlish tones)

What are the most obvious characters that describe our boyfriends/husbands?

Serious, sometimes angry, less emotional than women, etc.

If you take the color to describe a man you will definitely use deep colors: brown, dark blue, black and white.

Their apartment should be designed to show that he is THE MAN.

When men live in such interiors they feel they are the kings.

The same thing happens with the cars. Why do you think they dream of big cars? Because cars give them the feeling that they are the gods.

living room for man

living room for man

2. Big Furniture (not small)

You should follow the style that we’ve chosen before: strict, modern with no extra fluffy accessories.

They adore modern style because everything is functional.

Women like curls, bright colors, while men like lines and simplicity in everything they use.

Men apartment should have big furniture with large space for throwing clothes.

Man Cave Decor

Man Cave Decor

Man Cave

Man Cave

3. Modern Style (no curly romantic styles)

If you don’t know what style to choose, I would recommend to buy modern objects.

You can start from sofa, chair or a bed.

For offices start from the sets: chair and a table.

Silver colors are better than golden when you decorate such rooms.

Firehouse - firefighter-themed man cave

Firehouse – firefighter-themed man cave

DIY Bar Made Out Of Shipping Pallets

DIY Bar Made Out Of Shipping Pallets

4. wallpaper (Simplicity)

Of course, it should fit all design ideas that you decided to use.

But don’t forget that this living room should also be comfortable for living.

Wallpaper is the most massive change comparing to other interior renovations.

So take a look at modern styles.

Specialist in the store may recommend you what styles go for men and what styles are more for women.

How cool would that be to hide a man cave

How cool would that be to hide a man cave

men apartment

men apartment

5. Lightning

Functional and simple lighting would be your goal in this project.

Men apartment should have the choice of very bright to very soft lighting.

If you are not ready to change the room lighting then choose a bra or a table lamp.

The sets are always great helpers for modern interiors.

Bra and a table lamp or bra and the chair, or even curtains and the chair.

All these sets should look harmonious.

Just create a list of what you have and what you are going to buy.

Then see how your new furniture, any objects should look to match everything that you already have.

Man cave entrance

Man cave entrance

modern men room

modern men room

6. Curtains vs Blinds (Up to him)

Curtains will be more comfortable and gorgeous, but blinds are modern and give active energy.

I would say that blinds are for those who like active life and are up to 30 years.

Usually people after 30y.o. like calm designs and curtains are included in their list.


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