Like it or Not: Living Room

Is it tru that you watched tons of interior design photos?
Are you still not sure what is your style?
It’s very common issue for all people who start remodeling their rooms and are searching for inspiration.

My interior design teacher suggested to look thoroughly on the designs I liked or repinned.
I thought that it might help a lot. And you know why?
Just beacuse we are constantly in a rush, we don’t even think what EXACTLY is our taste in living space.

So I decided to post several articles with interior designs that were most popular on Pinterest.
I took just those photos that I personally liked and found something special in them.

Today we’ll critisize the living room. Go here to read what I think about it.
Hope it will leave some inpiring points in your soul.

modern interior design

modern interior design


Color. I like the combination of turcoise and black. It is one of the easiest ways to use bright color in your room. If you take just one blue color, the design will look boring. Black adds visual stability and royalty. Zebra print carpet makes the atmosphere exotic. Usually animal print at home and even clothes may look cheap, but when you use this print as an accent, then you win.

Furniture. Did you notice that the chairs even look cozy. It’s because they have large sits. Hope this word is correctly used in Enlish. So the softer and larget the chair is, the more comfort you will bring to your living room. Poufs will be more than cool if you want to rest here while reading or watching TV or drinking a cup of tea andchatting with your family.

Ligtning.  It’s not too bright and it’s good here. You would need a lot of light in the office, kitchen or your place for reading, but calm atmosphere needs few bras and several lamps in the ceiling. You could choose big bras for this room, but then it will look too massive.


Art. I am not an art expert but if an ordinary person looks at this painting he won’t feel any joy or calm. The first feeling is “Hm, I don’t get it”. The art should definitely be special for you but don’t forget that it should suit the whole idea of your living room.

Ceiling. Golden ceiling is too much for this design. I don’t like that it is combined just with the golden rows on the wall and furniture basings.

I guess that’s it. This interior is made by professionals. It would be very hard to create such style that inculdes so many details and they harmonized with each other.

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