Learn How to Create Modern Interior Design

Today I want to show you how the interior design on the image was created.

You can have the same style, just follow the concepts that the interior designer used in this bedroom.

modern interior desing bedroom

modern interior desing bedroom

Colors: black, grey, white

Main colors of this interior design are white and grey.

White color was used in furniture: the bed, the chair, the table and the carpet.

Grey color is the secondary color that makes the bedroom look more interesting.

Can you imagine how boring this interior would look if the only white color was used?

So grey adds the special atmosphere to the room.

This color was used in smaller spaces compared to white.

Grey pillows and the blanket.

The third color that gives the accent to this bedroom is black.

The accent color should be used at least three times in your interior.

In this bedroom black color is used on the wall, the lamp near the bed is also black and looks elegant because of this color.

Glossy style

Interior of this bedroom has glossy objects: the wall and the small chair.

Both of them look harmonious and create the best interior design for this room.

Triangle with the rounded corners

As you may see the design has soft shapes and one of the shapes that make this room look modern is the triangle.

The tall lamp has the shape of the triangle with soft corners.

The small table near the chair is also in the same shape as the lamp.

These two objects are combined in their shapes and colors.

You can also see the small table near the chair that is also designed as the wall – in black and gloss style.

Thin objects

The lamp, the chair and small stripes on the blanket are of one style.

All these items look elegant.

Thin objects in the interior make the room look lighter, softer and tiny.

Look for details and soon you’ll easily create modern room of your personal style and taste.


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