Las Vegas Hotel Rooms: Bellagio and MGM

Top Las Vegas Hotel Rooms

I don’t need to explain what’s Las Vegas is all about.

Today I would like to show you gorgeous rooms of Las vegas Hotels.

I found such big photos of their rooms that you can easily ad Las Vegas Hotel Room as your desktop wallpaper.

Three Las Vegas hotels will be presented in the current post: Bellagio Las Vegas Hotel and MGM Hotel.
bellagio hotel room gorgeous

Which Las Vegas Hotel Room is the best?

bellagio hotel is the great place for special occasions

I can’t even imagine that I stay in these three luxury hotels!

Just imagine for a moment that you say after the trip to Las Vegas: “Hm, I didn’t like Bellagio Hotel, because it’s too gorgeous and MGM rooms have a lot of free space, while Ballys didn’t have the sounds of the sea in the bathroom. ”:)

Ok, let’s start from Bellagio Hotel.

Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas


They have the Executive Suite Lounge. This means that this hotel room has all mirage add-ons inside.

How would you feel staying in the room with leather walls? And Bellagio has such rooms.

Have a look at Bellagio Hotel Rooms:

interior of bellagio bathroom

Would you like to have great view to the park? Executive Suite in Bellagio also has it. The view to the botanical gardens would really enhance your mood.

Though mostly, rich people even don’t notice the benefit of the view to the natural healthy place.

bellagio and dancing fountains

They are too busy. Hope you have much more time to look into the window and be happy because you are here and now:)

room interior in bellagio hotel

Bellagio Hotel has not only the luxury rooms, but also villas.

If I had a choice I would choose villa. I always had a dream to live in a separate house.

mirage room in bellagio hotel

comfortable las vegas room in bellagio hotel

MGM Hotel in Las Vegas


MGM Hotel has numerous rooms.

Suites in this hotel are divided into several types that differ by style, space, interior.

room interior in mgm hotel

Bungalow Suites

Bungalow suite is usually not large compared to others. It has the size of an average New York City studio.

The size of this MGM suite is about 675 square foot.

It has elegant style.

The bath is made of Italian Marble.

You would really like luxurious king-size bed in Bungalow Suite.

Las Vegas MGM hotel

Celebrity Spa Suite

Celebrity suite is a bit larger then Bungalow. MGM Celebrity Room has 694 square feet.

You can see photos of this Suite on MGM Hotel Site.

mgm hotel and fun entertainments

Hollywood Suite

The Hollywood suite in MGM Las Vegas Hotel costs $199 per night.

The bathroom in this suite has two entrances.

It’s not very good according to feng shui, but I don’t think you’ll notice it living in such luxury.

bathroom at mgm luxury hotel

Premier Suite

$309.99 per night is not cheap for most of people, but it can be afforded for some occasion.

I thought the rates in Las Vegas hotels are much more.

Ukrainian hotels have extremely high rates for Hotel rooms.

stylish rooms in mgm hotel las vegas

Glamour Suite

This suite differs by its’ oversized Roman spa tub and separate shower. Plus it has a powder room made of Italian Marble.

$359 per night

Terrace Suite

It is called Terrace because has a spectacular view of the Las Vegas Strip.

Luxurious Robes and slippers are included to the cost. You would pay $900 for Terrase Suite at MGM Hotel.

mgm hotel room interior

Marquee  Suite

Marquee Suite has marble whirlpool surrounded by mirrors.

Interior of the rooms have warm colors.

You would feel very comfortable here.

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