14 Kitchen Remodeling Tips

1. Lightning

Add light to your kitchen through windows or lamps.



2. Kitchen Gallery: see where all stuff is hidden. There is no clutter!

Organize the space using boxes, shelves and other organizing accessories while planing your kitchen remodeling.


3. Nice decor

Don’t use too bright colors in the kitchen, because it won’t bring any comfort to the space.
Use soft and neutral tones. It’s better to choose the tones before you start the kitchen remodeling, because all other stuff like furniture, appliances, etc should fit the kitchen style.


4. Natural light is the best friend in any place

Windows is the main source of light. You will save a lot of money on electricity if you have large windows.


5. Decorative lightning

Chandeliers, small lamps or big ones will definitely make your cooking comfortable.


6. Natural flowers

Natural flowers are a must if you have time to take care of them.
Fresh air, beautiful view and green tones will make your daily routine like a hobby.


7. Convenient placement of the furniture

It’s not an easy thing to decorate small kitchens, but you can try now!
We live in the time when a lot of appliances are created specially for your small space.

Wooden kitchen

Wooden kitchen

8. Curtains give a homy feeling

Didn’t you notice that interiors that have curtains are felt more homy.

Kitchen curtains should be of the same style your tablecloth or furniture.


9. Fake Flowers

Wooden kitchen with red tiles

Wooden kitchen with red tiles

10. See how plants improve the decor

White kitchen

11. Calm green colors



12. The best thing is the cooking area

large kitchen

large kitchen

13. I just like it:) do you see these plants! i love them a lot!


14. The stars near the window give fresh look.


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  1. I would take:
    – windows from the kitchen #1
    – lamp from the kitchen #4
    – warm colors from #8
    – placement of the furniture near the window #9
    – table for cooking in kitchen #12
    – stars from kitchen #14.
    My choice #13. I love it:)

  2. What if the bathroom is located directly above the front door entrance. Is there a remedy for this

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