Interior Ideas from Zambia Africa

Today I’ve chosen Zambia for interior ideas, because this is the warm country, in Africa. People travel to this place because of Safari and Victoria falls. You can search for their gorgeous landscape pictures, wild nature and animals.

Zambia hotels gave me the inspiration on how to improve living space.

Beautiful african decor

Beautiful african decor

1. White fabric

A lot of fabric in the room is  a great way to decorate your home.

There is no need to buy luxury materials here.

Choose the colors or combinations that you feel are comfortable for you.

The best idea is to add soft and warm colors that inspire you.

Interiors with an African influence

Interiors with an African influence

White fabric Interior Design Zambia

White fabric Interior Design Zambia

2. Bed curtains

Use transparent and light canopy bed curtains.

Africa (Zambia as well) is popular for the sunny weather and beautiful people and its mood is seen everywhere.

Bamboo furniture, exotic home decorating items and warm light are the key tips if you want to create a romantic mood.


Canopy bed curtains in Africa

Canopy bed curtains in Africa

3. Chic Chandelier

We usually think that chic style is right for the glamorous girls or fashion stores.

But today I saw how perfectly the chic chandelier can fit the interior of the Zambia’s room.

Leobo Private Reserve, South Africa designed by Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens Architects

Leobo Private Reserve, South Africa designed by Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens Architects

You can try to imagine the main style that you would like to have and add unique items to the interior. They will be your focal point and all your friends will be admiring such room.

Chic Chandelier in  African Hotel

Chic Chandelier in African Hotel

4. Furniture Sets

Harmonious living room is the place where everything looks as a family.

Furniture sets are chosen according to your prefered style used at home.

Elle Decoration South Africa

Elle Decoration South Africa

Bath in the treetops

Bath in the treetops

Furniture Sets Zambia Hotel

Furniture Sets Zambia Hotel

For example, exotic countries usually have wooden, natural furniture.

They don’t use bright colors and I think it’s the right choice.

Nowadays people spend so much time in modern and contemporary offices and rooms that they often stop feeling the real world.

You need to change the online, virtual world to the world with travelling, natural sounds and true happiness.

Interior Design is the easiest way to bring energy to your life.

Search what inspires you and follow your heart and soul.


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