Interior Ideas from Sex and the City

Interior ideas for today will be taken from the movie Sex and the City.

Professional interior designers were working on creation of best interior for the best movie.

Let’s see what can we take as the decorating idea.

To tell the truth, I didn’t notice the interiors while watching the movie.

But now we’ll analyze the interior in details.

1. Paintings and black lamps

I never thought that black lamps can look so soft, and there is no dull atmosphere when they are on.

Paintings have calm images of the nature. It’s up to you what nature will be shown in your room.

Sex and the city Interior design

Sex and the city Interior design

2. Large Lamps, Beige Wallpaper, Unique Mirror

All things that are placed in this room look luxurious.

Usually golden color and large objects give the sense of rich interior.

Try to add some gold to your interior and create  several accents with the big lamps.

Luxury Interior design

Luxury Interior design

3.  Furniture

Did you notice that all furniture here is not ultra modern, but looks gorgeous?

The shapes are simple, the textures look natural with no synthetic.

living room

living room

4. Big Wardrobe

It is a dream of each girl.

If you have a closet for the purpose of storaging clothes, than don’t be shy to place the red carpet there.

The chandeliers along the road make it easier to find what you need.

large wardrobe sex and the city

large wardrobe sex and the city

5. Exotic style

If you want to have some fun, then add colors.

Bright yellow curtain or green walls will inspire you daily.

Exotic Interior design

Exotic Interior design

6. Blue bedroom

The blue color is the perfect choice for the bedroom.

This is the place for the rest and relaxation and blue color relaxes people.

Paintings add sensative touch to the room.

blue bedroom

blue bedroom

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