Interior Design in London’s House for $7,500,000

Annabella Nassetti a luxury interior designer from London created this luxurious design.

Let’s see how rich interior looks like. White, simple and made by a PRO.

The house is located in West London, Earls’s Court Area (I would like to take a walk in this area) and has four bedrooms.

“Combining a Mediterranean feel with luxury bespoke finishes was my main inspiration,” Ms. Nassetti explains.


Architectural details

She uses architectural details to create perfectly balanced space. This 2,892-square-foot house can suit a young family due to a lot of space.

Interior Design in London's House

Interior Design in London’s House

Lutron Lighting in Kitchen

Lutron Lighting in Kitchen

Luxury Bathroom

Luxury Bathroom

West London, Earls's Court Area

West London, Earls’s Court Area

Gaggenau appliances

The dining room and the kitchen are done in open-plan. Air conditioning is all over the house. Annabella used Gaggenau appliances that are known for their sculptural design and convenience in use.

Lutron lighting

Lutron electronics was used in lighting due to their energy-saving. 4 rooms is a huge space, so saving energy is very important.   Lutron states that their dimmer saves more than $85 annually. And now you can easily calculate how much energy you save with them a year.  Maybe in future we could save this amount in a month, but saving such amount a year is also a lot.

They also help to cut usage of energy in ventilation, space cooling, equipment and space heating.

This London house has access to its personal garden. I can imagine how beautiful it is in spring and summer.

White bedrooms look harmonious and perfectly balanced.


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