Interior Design Ideas for Country Style

Country interior is for people who prefer comfort, like old style and handcrafted decorations.

1. Comfort

Functionality or comfort?

You can combine both and Country Style will be the most suitable interior design for you.

Comfortable chairs and soft textures will make you feel completely relaxed.

country interior

country interior

2. Natural Materials

Cotton, silk and other natural materials will be great for your health and interior.

Most interiors use only natural decorations.

So if you would like to change the style you can use your old lovely accessories.

For tactile surfaces you can choose wood, wicker weaving, wrought iron, stone, pottery or tin.

3. Handcrafted Features

You can find numerous ideas at Etsy or Ebay.

Simple things should be made of natural materials and look soft and cozy.

country style

country style

4.Time worn furniture

Country style gives the feeling of the age, history.

To follow this idea in the interior you would need to buy old furniture with worn style.

Antique furniture is the main element to search when you start to find ideas for Country Interior.

5. Floral patterns

Choose the flowers of neutral colors and with soft texture.

country interior idea

country interior idea

6. Colors

Interior colors should be fresh and soft.

No bright color, don’t use reds.

7. Stripes

You can combine flower patterns with stripes.

comfortable interior

comfortable interior

8. Area rugs

Interior of such type uses area rugs.

But the space should be left near the walls.

This idea will give the layer look to the room.

They should match exactly.

Such combination will look very warm.

Country Interior is the best place to relax and read the book on the old chair.

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