How You Can Apply Green Wrapping to Your Home

Do you dream of a greener world? ‘Green wrapping’ is the latest sustainable design trend, which lets plants take over our homes.

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Wouldn’t your home be better if it was greener?  And I don’t just mean green asin the eco term, but simply greener to look at. Green is a calming, beautiful, fresh and clean colour. It is the colour of growth and life and so it makes sense for buildings to be green, not grey.


What is Green-wrapping?

Green-wrapping is a recently coined term to describe the act of covering a building with plants. Walls are wrapped in a green coat, almost like the plants have been painted on. This eco ‘shell’ not only cleanses your eyes from urban surroundings, it also cleanses the air by absorbing CO2 and releasing oxygen, making the world greener in every sense of the term.

The term green-wrapping has expanded to include any design which encourages plants into a space. Whether you have an exterior wall adorned with foliage or an indoor forest of plants, you are literally wrapping your house in gorgeous greenery.

When Buildings Grew

Nature has started taking over new architectural designs in the commercial sector, which demonstrate what could be possible in the green home of the future.

For instance,Stefan Boeri’s vertical forest tower in Milan is the perfect example of ultramodern green-wrapping in action. Gordon Graff’s vertical ‘sky farm’ is an expansion on the idea of green-wrapping whichis still in the early hypothetical stages; ultimately, Graff promises to take green wrapping to the next level and actually ‘wrap’ a building in a farm!


How Can You Make Your House Grow?

There are many ways in which you can apply this innovative idea to your own home. If you want a fresher, cleaner and more environmentally-friendly space,green-wrappingcould be the perfect option. So, what are your options?

Beautiful Green Walls

An outdoor green wall can really transform the look of your house, creating a vertical garden. This is perfect for those who live in an urban location, withlittle or no garden space, as you get a compact vertical garden which provides you with your ‘green fix’ each and every day. On the other hand, if you have a garden, a green wall can add another dimension to the space, creating a beautiful focal point.

Green wallswill also encourage birds, bees and butterflies into your garden when placed on your home’s exterior (or perhaps a green-wrapped shed?) and both indoor and outdoor green walls help to avoid fluctuations in temperature because they insulate the house. This saves on energy because the building stays warmer in winter and cooler and fresher in the summer.

In the Kitchen

Taking inspiration from Graff’s vertical farm, you could create an indoor herb garden wall for your kitchen. This is a great, stylish-yet-practical addition to any kitchen and perfect if you are a bit of foodie. Having a variety of herbs at your disposal while you are cooking is a real treat, and each sprig of parsley will be as fresh as it gets!

In the Bathroom…

However, it is the bathroom suitethat I think offers the most green-wrapping potential. As you can see in the example below, a green wall can transform your bathroom into an oasis of calm.


Image by Zest Bathrooms

A green bathroom offers instant stress relief and a soft, gentle and oxygen-rich environment in which to relax. Studies have shown that not only do plants clean the air, but being surrounded by green eases stress and fatigue.

When planning your bathroom, use the green of the plants as part of your colour scheme and combine it with colours that will make the leaves stand out. Set against muted or dark colours, plants look even more luscious and fresh.

When selecting plants for your bathroom, look for those that like low light and high humidity, as these will thrive in post-shower conditions!

Even if your budget or the size of your bathroom won’t stretch to a green wall, you can still experience the same effect through potted plants and create a tranquil rainforest bathroom as pictured below.


Image by Zest Bathrooms


Green is Good for Your Eyes and the Air

There are two main benefits of green-wrapping, which explains why designers are now addicted to plants. Put simply, green is not only beautiful but healthy.

In cities, plants help to offset the carbon emissions of daily life – gobbling up our exhaust fumes and breathing out oxygen. However, they can also absorb the toxins in your home.

Dr Bill Wolverton from NASA discovered that house plants are the best filters of pollutants. The research was intended to try and create a breathable environment for astronauts on spaces stations, but can easily be applied to you home.

NASA has published a list of the plants that are the best at absorbing toxins in your house.

Green-wrapping is natural, healthy and sustainable. Not only that, it’s a beautiful feature, which brings a luxurious and luscious feel to your home.

If you are excited by the world growing green, why not have a go yourself? Introduce some plants into your house and see the effects for yourself.

Do you think ‘green-wrapping’ is the future of interior design?


Estelle Page is a passionate interior designer, who strives to design projects that are as green as possible. She loves eco design and is always on the lookout for new ways to make her home more sustainable.

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