How to decorate a living room?

If you plan to remodel your living room then I will give you some decorating living room tips now.

You don’t need to have a special apartment to use these methods.

I summarize the ideas that will fit any room: small or large.

White, black and red interiors are the best rooms for decorating the room.

Why? Just because you can add almost any tone to refresh your design.

The style can also be chosen easily.

For example, if you have a white living room then any unique furniture or decor will look gorgeous.

Moreover, such accessories can be found on a flea markets and you won’t need to waste tons of money for the makeover.

1. Wall Decorations

For those who adore handmade object, Etsy or Ebay will be an easiest way to get some.

But if your hobby is to make your own decor then Pinterest will be a great source for inspiration.

They are new and you can reach there after receiving the invitation, so if you need a new one I can share.

So, some ideas for your wall:

– make a family photo collage. Take a big piece of paper or the wallpaper and hang some photos on it.You will see how your living room starts smiling to you.

– frames with something in them. Search for the frames that are not in use any more. Of course, you can take a frame that is still hanging on your wall but you really want to give it a modern look. You can change the style for cheap. Buy a paint that you like and redesign the frame. Now you have a new and modern wall art.

– fabric in the frame. I am more than sure that you have some cloth that you don’t wear any more.

Take it, cut it (don’t be afraid, you are creating a memory) and paste it. Handmade decor is done! You can even sell it now if you like:)

Floral art in the living room

Floral art in the living room

wall decorations

wall decorations

living room

living room

2. Chairs, tables, sofas

Decorating is not so hard, but I added several ideas with medium complexity.

The easiest thing is to buy a chair. Think about colors. If you want to change the furniture because it is not so cozy as it could be, then go to the store and search for soft and large chairs.

If you want to renew the color range in your design, then furniture with the bright colors will definitely suit you.

I like reds and greens. But be attentive. Too much red can make your interior design aggressive, while too much of green will create dull atmosphere.

For those who are on a budget, paint the chair. The painting that was used for your wall decorations would help you a lot.

Several decor objects of the same style (color) will look harmonized.

The feeling that your home is the best won’t leave you any more.

Modern designers use neutral designs because you can easily play around with decorations.

White living room idea

White living room idea

Beautiful living room

Beautiful living room

small living room

small living room

3. Accessories

Mirrors, blankets, lamps, sculptures, storage boxes can be bought in sets. Mirror and a lamp of one style will be as sister and brother.

Decorate your chair with the blanket of the same design.

Living room table accessories

Living room table accessories

Decorating living room ideas

Decorating living room ideas

decorating a living room

decorating a living room

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