Inspiring carpet ideas

Choosing a carpet can completely change the look of any room.

If you want to add a symbol or simply to hide defects in the existing floor, the carpet just may be your answer. Carpet can accent your room decor, make certain furniture or just use for practical purposes. This gives some special effects in the room.

Although the decision for the right carpet seems like a huge dilemma, there are really some simple techniques that will help you make your decision about choosing the carpet. Just keep in mind that you need to do a little planning and remember to have fun with it!

Carpet with words

Carpet with words

Size of the Carpets

Carpet Symmetry

The first step in selecting a carpet, to measure the area where you will be placing your carpet, keeping in mind the overall symmetry of the room.

Sketch the room

Draw a sketch of your room with the dimensions of said furniture is made. Then you’ll easily see what carpet your should choose.

Lovely home decoration

Lovely home decoration


Min and max size of the carpet

This is a very good idea to consider the minimum and maximum value of the carpet’s optimal size because it will give you a wide selection of  carpets to choose from.

Run by Peter Simonik and Elena Bolcekova

Run by Peter Simonik and Elena Bolcekova


Size of the table

If you buy a dining room carpet, know the size of the table, you do not want your chairs fell on the edge of the carpet, when you’re back from the table.


For stair runners, count the number of risers (each step of the building and the tread). Guides are usually 30 inches in width.

Is the Carpet your Focus of the room?

In addition, the choice of focus in the room, and other details, like a drawing motion, ventilation, etc. large carpet in the living room can give a room a more formal appearance. The carpet, which embraces the bedroom walls gives the room warmer, snugger feel.

Color of the Carpets


Take some time to think about the color of the carpet. It will save you much time when you visit the store.
Photo the room

Photography Room is also helpful. There are many colors and patterns, carpets to choose from than ever before. Carpet’s color can be extremely powerful. It can cause different moods. Examples of this would be as dark carpets to rooms more comfortable feel and bold colored carpets can give a room a more playful look.

Decide the practical side of the carpet


Color can be chosen for practical reasons as well. You can use dark colors in rooms that will receive more foot traffic. If you want your room seem larger, lighter tone path. And remember that not everything in the room should match.

Combine the carpet with other decorations

Look at the floor, paint color, furniture and other accessories in the room, and try to get the color that is combined with them. You can also get a carpet with different tones, which will select the color already in the room.

Carpet for the new room

If possible, choose a carpet before choosing upholstery, paint and wallpaper patterns. Colors in the carpet can be a source of inspiration for the rest of your room.
Azra Kilim Rug

Azra Kilim Rug

A carpet for Children’s room

Choosing carpets for children’s rooms may be one of the more fun and challenging parts of the project redecoration. Let your imagination. Do not be afraid of the color – children love it. Remember that children spend almost as much time on the floor, as the furniture. Choose carpets, soft and comfortable – and choose a template that inspires the imagination.

Form of the Carpets

In free-form carpets can add excitement to the room, which can feel too stuffy. Round and round carpets are unique and can soften the angles greater than normal numbers.
You can also take the form of a copy of the furniture the carpet, sitting on top of it. An example of this is a round carpet under the coffee table, round or large rectangular carpet under a table in the dining room.
Comfortable interior design with the carpet

Comfortable interior design with the carpet

Design of the Carpets

How will you use the carpet?

One of the questions you will be offered in the salon: “How will the room be used?” Knowing the use of facilities to help you choose a carpet that is best suited for this space. The dark patterned carpet, for example, will hide dirt in heavy traffic and activities. “Formal dining room, undoubtedly, will have a different personality than the” random number of the family “or” bedroom “or” country kitchen.”


Among modern carpets (those woven in the last few decades), should look at the “personality” rather than “nationality” on the carpet. Your carpet is part of one of three main components, the design of rooms (walls, floor and furniture), and often the biggest design statement in the room.

Choose the type of template you want for your carpet. Templates can bring visual interest to a room by adding depth and perception. Graphic carpets can bring the dark living room. The models also have a great feature to be more forgiving for heavy pedestrian traffic. The higher figure is the carpet, usually below the content of it.
bright carpet rug solf personal (4)
Room samples

And do not forget that you can have more than one sample in the room. They just need to be a common motif or color. You can eventually choose one depending on hard or easy to clean. Carpets, which are designed as stair runners and hallway runners can focus and expand its range of designs from the rest of the house in what is usually forgotten, utilitarian room.

Price of the Carpets

Solid companies

Look for solid companies that rely on repeat business for success. Avoid high-pressure “buy now” approach. The dealer must take the time to listen to what you need and answer your questions. Authoritative Store allows you to test the carpet at home for several days without any obligations.


You should also look after sales service. Buy from a dealer, who will be around the issues and problems, you can down the road. Many dealers offer cleaning and restoration services and select a few own and use their own funds. Established dealers often trade policy on carpets they sell and take the carpets purchased elsewhere and try to sell them on consignment.

Personal tip about Carpets

Forget what you heard and go with your gut. Regardless of the carpet you choose, you will have to live, so choose a carpet that you like and comfortable.

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