How collegues used bad Feng Shui?

Feng shui is created for harmony, happiness and optimism in our lives and souls. But sometimes bad people use Feng shui to make somebody’s lives awful, unlucky. Why do they need this? I don’t know. But here you’ll read the real story about bad usage of Feng shui. I am more then sure that person who used bad Feng shui is not happy at all! We are happy if we do just pleasant things for everybody around us. So let’s be harmonious and share this sunshine inside of us with others.

Feng Shui story starts:

I have a friend who bought an industrial building to for her business. At that time, she knew nothing about Feng shui and I didn’t know her at that time. She let a few key members of her management team of her business look after the renovation of the building.

Unfortunately little did she know that some of these key management team members are already secretly setting up a rival company to operate the same type of business as hers. These scumbags wanted to sabotage her business before leaving by messing up the Feng shui of her building and business premises.

They bluff her by hiring a bogus Fengshui master to give them all the wrong advice about the Fengshui of the premises. One of the glaring sabotage this bogus Fengshui master did is to advise my friend to renovate and locate the building in the way that the main entrance to the building is at the back of the building. This is akin to a human having his mouth at his back or his bum.

With this and other Fengshui boo-boos, it is no wonder she experienced difficulty in her business after moving into the building. After the key management staff left, someone suggested to my friend to re-look the Feng shui of the building. She started to attend some Feng shui lessons, Ba Zi lessons and other courses related to Feng Shui. But it taes time to absorb and to apply Feng shui to her business environment. Although in the meantime my friend realised the mistake of placing the entrance at the back of the building and re-location of the main door to the front of the building.

Thereafter, she attended this foreign-based master’s talk and signed up for his Feng shui services. According to her one of key thing he did was to tilt the main door of the building to a certain degree by applying Feng shui formulas. This is a commonly practised by the Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui method.   Based on her testimonial, even after this major Feng shui remedy, problems still continue to plague her business. Why does this happen? One of the major oversight of this master is to place precedence of formulas over landforms. Tilting the door is meaningless if the landforms does not support it. Without qi, enhancing a good direction is not of much use.

Feng shui is not so easy as it seems to be. She realized that Feng Shui is working and now she studies this science as much as her time affords. Be serious about Feng Shui.

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