Hosting the Ultimate Christmas Party at Home – Top Décor Tips

Planning a Christmas party at home can be a daunting task. Trying to cater to everyone’s needs to entertain family, friends and neighbors does require some thought and planning. Here are some simple pointers to host the ultimate Christmas party without going over the top with your budget.

First of all, it is important to know how many guests you will be hosting to decide on what type of
Christmas party to have and the theme. Depending on who’s invited, you’ll probably want different
decorations for the look and feel of the party – are you going for grown-up wintery glamour for
example, or grotto-style fun for the kids?

Image by Gabriel Rocha (a.k.a. BRIEL)

Winter Wonderland

If your Christmas is lacking the weather for the Christmas atmosphere and absent of any real snow, you can recreate the festive environment with an array of snowflakes and fake snow! You can have frosted snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, and plenty of white decorations to give your home that wonderful Christmas ambiance.

A faux snow filled house will replicate the ideal Christmas atmosphere and undoubtedly entertain your guests – plus kids will love throwing fake snowballs! However try not to go too overboard; no one wants a house that looks like it has been hit by an avalanche, and the clear-up afterwards won’t make for the most exciting of Boxing Days. Above all, keep that fake snow away from rooms with carpet or you’ll be vacuuming well into January!

Choosing the right Christmas decorations will enhance the holiday mood and encourage guests to relax and enjoy the night. Just avoid really tacky decorations – glowing neon reindeer, red felt Santas and the like – unless you’re throwing a children’s party!


Christmas Ambiance

There are plenty of Christmassy plants that you can decorate your house with. You can arrange holly berries dotted around your house, or the odd awkward mistletoe to provide the festive look – and some necessary embarrassment!  Decorating your front door with a holly wreath will give a great traditional Christmas feel right from the moment guests arrive.

Try to stick to a single theme with all your decorations. To go down the more traditional route keep the classic green and red theme running throughout the house with various garlands and tinsels on your front door, stairs, Christmas tree, fireplace, etc. The more the merrier! For a stylish twist, opt for icy white and pale blue instead.


Image by Photos by Mavis


Getting the Party Mood
There are some great ways to get everyone in a party mood – I would recommend plenty of fairy lights and if you really want to impress your guests, you can set up a disco ball. It’s very silly, but it can be a great laugh and really liven up the mood of your party.
After mastering the look of your Christmas party, the hardest part is over! All you have to do now is plan what food, appetizers and party dips should be there, plus the entertainment, who to invite/who not to, secret Santa, what drinks you should provide… okay, there’s still quite a lot to plan, but it should be fun!
What colour scheme are you going for at home this Christmas?


Estelle Page is an interior designer who loves to share her design hints. Christmas is undoubtedly her favourite time of the year, and delicate, fake snowflakes her favourite seasonal decoration!

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