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Summer is in 4 days! So why don’t we change the look of our rooms?:)

Here what you can do to have summer look inside your house or appartment:

1. Plants

Add a few potted plants or a hanging plants to the front entrance of your home. Place a floral wreath on your front door.

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2. Curtains

Take down all the heavy drapers and dark colored curtains in each room and put linen curtains with summer flowery designs and colors such as beige,light yellow, light pink, sky blue, pastel colors etc. If this is too much work, you add faux blinds. Either way, both ideas brings such a change in the tone of your room.

3. Slipcover

Use a slipcover with flowered design or summer colors to cover a sofa, chair, or loveseat. Buy a lighter color furniture for your living room and family room. or you can also add lighter throw pillows.

4. Artwork

Place artwork and wall hangings that have pictures of beaches, sea shells, sailboats, sunsets throughout the rooms of your home, especially in your living room.

Messagenote post about art: Art on the Walls from Lucy Deslandes (activating art)

5. Tablecloths

For your dining room, get tablecloths that are bright and summery as well as a table runner to go with it. Choose table mats that would go perfect with the tablecloth and that have a lighter summer color. Add fresh flowers on the dining room table, countertops, and in almost every room. This is a great way to create the summery look.

6. Bed sheets

Store away all comforters and flannel sheets and add light colored summery sheets or flowered bed sheets.

7. Shower curtain

Place a bright summery shower curtain to your bathroom. Change the throw rugs and add beach towels.

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