Part2 Flying Stars 2008 advices by sections


Number: 3 – jade star

Element: Wood (3) and Metal (W)

The Flying Star 3 is a star of quarrels. Usually people think that it is bad, but it has positive features as well. For example, you have a project that is in stagnation, in other words it is stuck. Then if you stay in the West for most of your time, you will move this project further. The same happens with relations that you couldn’t change. Let’s imagine that the person you lovedoesn’t want to make you dinner. There are two ways it may result if you stay in the West or try to talk sitting in the West: a) the person will start making you dinners; b) you will breakup. The result B is also good, because then you may meet someone who will be better for you.

Flying Star 3 doesn’t like to lose. This means that people, who stay in the West, will constantly meet changes in their livesfeng-shui-west1.jpg and competition. It is for you to decide whether it is good or bad for you personally. Flying star 3 is a star of translators, sportsmen and public orators. (They travel a lot, that also means changes) If you have lively children, then don’t place their bedroom in the West, because they will be extra lively.



Number: 7 – red star

Element: Metal (7) and Earth (SW)

feng-shui-southwest.jpgFlying Star 7 is the star of robbery. This star brings the possibility of injury with sharp objects. But there are also good sides of this star: it gives good conditions for metaphysical spheres, jurisprudence and orators.

Cure: to weaken the negative effect of the Flying Star 7, place bamboo the Southwest of your house.


Number: 8 – white starfeng-shui-east.jpg

Element: Earth (8) and Wood (E)

In 2008 Flying Star 8 is a star of wealth; moreover it is a white star (good). Number 8 will rule till 2023. Real estate is the main sphere that will be prosperous in 2008.

Number 8 brings money to the house, but only if you work hard. You can receive a lot of money due to this flying star, and you can easily waste money, so you need to control the spent of your budget.


Number: 9 – violet star

feng-shui-southeast.jpgElement: Fire (9) and Wood (SE)

Flying star 9 is the second sector of wealth. Specialists recommend to stay here if you feel lonely. The SE with number 9 will give big money in future. You should work hard and the wealth will come in a year or two. So be most of your time in the SE if you want to receive big money in future. The SE is also a section of children.


Number: 2– black star

Element: Earth (2) and Metal (NW)feng-shui-northwest.jpg

The second place of the “bad stars” goes to Flying Star 2 (Flying Star 5 is on the first place). This star is called the Flying star of “Illness”. But let me tell you the truth. Number two is really the star of health. Why? Because it gives you the sign to be careful to your health. Some people will say: “I don’t need doctors, I feel great” Then Flying Star will make you ill, so that you still will go to the doctor.

Cure: If you sleep inthe Northwest or the entrance of your house is in the Nowthwest, then go to the doctor to check if everything is ok. It is better to do before, then during the illness, right?

Be happy and healthy!

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  1. Hi,
    I would like to ask if you could help.
    I´m living in flat regarded as a bad house:
    3-1-8 S
    5-3-1 SW
    1-8-6 W
    9-7-5 NW
    4-2-9 N (door)
    2-9-7 NE
    6-4-2 E
    7-5-3 SE
    8-6-4 in center/ bath room in it!

    I am trying to sell this house, could you tell me any cure to help. I would like to use good area S 3-1-8 if I only would know how?
    House has been for sale 1/2 year, price is not much.

    Thank you!

  2. Hi Netta,

    I would really want to help, but in this case there are too many details that can see only a specialist, when visits your house.

    Take time to search feng shui consultant in your city and you wont regret:)

  3. Thank you for reply.

    I had consultant in my new house, where I am moving to.
    And yes, I was very usefull, we can repair the house to be good at first place..
    but, I would still need help selling the old house.
    Is there any general advises?

  4. Cure for flying star 5-7 in S0

  5. Netta, here what i would do and check:
    1. clear clutter
    2. see if no mirrors reflect the door (because it will “reflect” buyers)
    3. remove all flowers that are not healthy
    4. make the entrance to your house inviting (without clutter)

    I saw the video on youtube several months ago regarding “how to sell the house with feng shui”. I’ll try to find it and i will get back as soon as find it.


  6. Hi Netta,

    I just noticed that you commented in October. I am so sorry for the delay!
    here what i found:

    But I hope you dont need it any more ;)

  7. Great site, Good info

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